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“Life’s journey is not about arriving safely in a pretty, well-preserved body…but rather skidding in broadside, all used up, totally worn out, and yelling, “Wow, what a ride.””


While at the “Downtown Turnaround” festival in Littleton, NC this past weekend, I came across this quote on a piece of art.  It didn’t attribute the quote to any particuliar person so I got to thinking who it could be. 

Maybe Madonna?  I could see it, especially the “worn out” part but probably not.  Mother Teresa?  A little too wild for her I think.  Michael Jackson?  No…he’s a little too preserved.  Evel Knivel?  It would seem to fit but in the end, he’s had a few too many knocks to the head to be that articulate.

Hmm…who could it be?  I thought a while longer and it finally hit me!!!! 

It was Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago!!!

I mean, just look at his life.  He faced satan himself and conquered pure evil, more than once, raised the dead, healed the blind and crippled, turned water into wine, fed 3,000 AND 5,000 people with a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread, walked on water, quieted raging storms and seas, preached to the Gentiles, conversed with a Samaritan woman by the well, predicted the future, hung out with thieves, murderers and tax collectors (scum of the earth back then), healed and touched lepers, cast out over 2,000 demons into some pigs just trying to enjoy a little mud and relaxation, openly rebuked and criticized the pious Jewish religious leaders, was Transfigured, was arrested for doing nothing wrong but being the Son of God, brutally tortured and beaten, carried the burden of all mankind’s sin onto a wooden cross where He was nailed and killed, buried in a dusty, dark and damp tomb only to be raised from the dead and resurrected to the right hand throne of God.  All in just 33 years of life. 

Yep…it definitely had to be Jesus Christ.