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Yes, everyone, it’s me… Christy!  I’m actually posting a blog!  I hope you haven’t forgotten the “Christy-part” of “Patrick and Christy’s Leave a Legacy” site.  

I was looking through a journal that I took on our July 07 mission trip to Brazil, and I started reading some of the journal entries that I wrote while on the trip.  Here’s part of an entry that  I wrote on July 23, 2007 on the airplane trip back home:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the smiles, hugs and moments of intense spiritual connections I have experienced while in Ubauna would be worth a BILLION!  On both mission trips I have participated in, I have been concerned about communication and language barriers.  This trip was absolutely amazing in so many different ways and has taught me that God’s language of love is international and knows no barriers… 

As I write this, I can’t even figure out how to describe all of the things that went on during this trip.  When I think about going to Ubauna, I am focused on how I will play a role in sharing God’s love and how He will work through me.  Both times, I have been amazed at how much I have learned and have been so incredibly blessed from the experience. 

I want to try to help the people in Ubauna.  I worry about the children and the families and how much less they have than we have, materially, in the USA.  Our poorest family in the USA has opportunities for help and assistance that those in Ubauna do not have. 

 However, I wonder if they feel sorry for us…Family is what is important in Ubauna,  relationships and spending time talking outside on a warm evening.  Rushing is absolutely unheard of, and a meeting time is merely a suggestion of when to start thinking about leaving your home to walk to the agreed upon meeting place.  People just don’t worry about things and stress over the unimportant things. Life in Ubauna is basic, pure, and uncomplicated.  Americans could learn a thing or two from the people of Ubauna.  Especially me…

Hopefully I can keep those lessons in my heart back in the United States.  Once again, I went to teach and share, and I ended up being the student.  I pray that I can allow the joy that God gives us and intends for us to enjoy, to break through my day to day life, full of routines and rushing and schedules.  I will pray everyday that the love and acceptance I was given in Ubauna, from people that I didn’t even know, will shine through me into the lives of others.  I pray that God will be glorified through my every word, action, and response to whatever life and circumstances have to throw at me.”

Oh, how easy it is to get caught up in the busy-ness of this crazy world… Thank you Jesus for the peace, rest and joy that You give us in the midst of such chaos.        C.