Amazing Grace

Posted: September 16, 2007 in Blogging, Brazil, Christianity, Faith, Gospel for Brazil, Jesus, Life, Prayer, The Great Commission

Message from Audrey, our Pastor in Ubauna for Gospel for Brazil, to Joe:

Aquela senhora macumbeira que entregou a vida para Cristo faleceu antes de chegarmos, nossa visita foi providencial.

That voodoo priestess who delivered her life to Christ died; our visit to her [in July] was providential.”

As I read the message that Audrey sent to Joe concerning the passing of the 80-something year old lady in Ubauna, the song, “Amazing Grace” came into my heart:

Amazing Grace,

How Sweet the Sound That Saved A Wretch Like Me,

I Once Was Lost but Now Am Found,

Was Blind but Now I See…

How Precious Did That Grace Appear,

The Hour I First Believed,

My Chains Are Gone, I’ve Been Set Free                          Artist: Chris Tomlin

This “Voodoo Priestess” was the Macumba temple “Mother Saint” for over 50 years.  She had worshipped Satan for most, if not all, of her life.  She had dedicated herself to Satan and expanding his kingdom in the same way that we are dedicated to doing for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Pure evil had lived within her, and she had given herself as a bride of Satan. 

That was until a vagabond group of Jesus Freaks had the audacity to travel Ubauna, Brazil in July, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with her, and to share with her the wonderful gift that He wanted to give to her; someone that had spent many years dancing with Jesus’ supernatural enemy. 

She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior and in turn, Jesus accepted her.  He forgave her of her sins, and all of Heaven rejoiced.  And now, two months later, they are rejoicing again.  Heaven has welcomed home another saint that will now live for ALL ETERNITY with her savior, not Satan, but Jesus Christ Himself.

What a wonderful assurance that we have from Christ.  What a wonderful God that we have that He would show His Mercy and Grace on us, no matter what we’ve done prior to that very moment that we reached out with our hearts, our souls, and our spirits and took the Gift.

What an honor it will be to see her in Heaven when my time comes, and I stand before the Father.  What a day that will be!

All because of God’s “Amazing Grace”. 





  1. timelessintuition says:

    Wow…and double wow.

    Not only did we sing ‘Amazing Grace’ in church today; but the sermon was about how Heaven rejoices when one sinner is brought into the flock and saved from sin. Thus the parable of the shepherd loosing one sheep of his 99 and going looking for that one so that he could bring it back. And then celebrating and rejoicing when he found that sheep and brought it back into the flock.

    Such a strange coincidence to read this today…

  2. patrickandchristy says:

    I had only heard “Amazing Grace” a few times over the past couple of years, and suddenly I heard it several times over a two day period before I got the news from Joe.

    I felt that God was speaking to me in some way, and He was! We as Christians have to do everything in our power to reach the lost. Everything else is secondary.

    Sounds like God is really speaking to Christians across our land hoping to drive this point home and “push” us into reaching the lost.

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