The Ubauna Jesus Caravan Is Now Boarding New Passengers

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Blogging, Brazil, Christianity, Faith, Gospel for Brazil, Jesus, Life, Prayer, The Great Commission

Big News In Little Notes – Post from Joe Carr from

I received a note from Áudrey in Ubaúna yesterday:

We began the work Sunday at 7:15 p.m.

Is that cool or what?!

We had 22 people present and we hadn’t done anything to bring them in. We think the next service will have more people.

This is incredible. Without even inviting people in, without any advertising, without any effort, 22 people show up for a worship service at the “newbie” church on Sunday night. I think the expectation that there will be more present at the next is an exaggerated adumbration. Listen to this:

There were people healed. A woman suffering extreme stomach pain was healed instantly. Another who had a chronic and debilitating shoulder pain was also healed. There was a buzz!

I think Áudrey is becoming a master of understatement.

Here’s the reality:

They know nothing. We will have to teach everything. We will be scheduling discipleship classes in the near future; we’ve got a lot of work to do. With a little more time living among them, we will know better how to shepherd them [new Christians].

He ended with: if you are excited about this, give the glory to God with a big shout!


God is doing amazing work in the village of Ubauna, in the Northeast desert region of the state of Ceara.  Although we only began this mission of love in the summer of 2004, God has shown favor on Gospel for Brazil and this little town in the middle of the desert.  Please pray for our efforts there, and pray that God will continue to show favor on these lost souls. 

Audrey and Andreia are an answered prayer.  God is going to work even greater miracles through them.  It’s no coincidence that God placed a disciple with the gift of Healing in Ubauna.  Since Jesus’ time, healings have been used to reach thousands of lost souls and to show the awesome Mercy and Power of the true God, Jesus Christ. 

This is only the beginning of what God is going to do in that area, in Brazil.  Our focus at Gospel for Brazil is to reach lost souls period!  However, it is our belief that training these native Christians, such as Audrey and Andreia, and then sending them out into the lost fields as missionaries will yield tremendous results, even more than non-native or international missionaries.  It makes sense doesn’t it?  They already know the culture, the language, and the people.  They ARE Brazil.  There is significantly less travel expenses, food expenses, etc.

Gospel for Brazil still needs us to become involved by going and working with the missionaries we have in place but our role shifts to providing more administrative, financial and prayer support. This is where you can play a significant role in what God is doing in Ubauna and Brazil. 

Taking it a step further and speaking with open honesty, we need people willing to step forward and provide financial support.  A one-time contribution is very appreciated.  It will be put to good use for sure.  But we are praying for and looking for people, Christians who understand the importance of fulfilling The Great Commission that will be monthly and long-term donors. 

No one wants to ask for money and a lot of people don’t want to be asked for money but it’s just a reality of doing mission work.  How can you assist?  There are numerous ways, and our website will give you a lot more information:  A major need right now is the support of Audrey and Andreia full-time.  We already have a donor that is taking care of the first 6 months but we need the money to continue supporting them beyond that. 

Obviously, having one person come forward with a pledge of $1,000 a month would be awesome.  But we’ll take 200 people promising $5/month. That shouldn’t be a stretch for committed Christians looking to support God’s work in Brazil.  We don’t care how many people it takes.  We’re concerned with the bottom line. 

So I want everyone reading this to pray, NOT IF you should support Gospel for Brazil, but HOW?  God will honor whatever support that you give, and I know that the lost souls of Brazil will be greatly appreciative. 

You can mail your support or go online at:

Gospel for Brazil

803 S. College Road, Suite D

Wilmington, NC 28403

(910) 452-4060




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