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Good question!  A “Grandmuddy” is another name for my great grandmother.  Grandmuddy lived in a rural town in the south during a time when women were expected to stay close to home, but instead of staying close to home, Grandmuddy was obedient to God when He called.  So what was Grandmuddy called to do?  She was called to be an evangelical preacher, traveling all over the United States in a church bus, preaching under tents and holding revivals.  She went as far west as Nebraska!  Wow! 

It’s so exciting that she was willing to step out of her comfort zone because God was leading her to teach others about Him and His saving grace.  I am amazed at how brave she was and the adversity she must have faced because of her obedience to God. 

Even though she passed away before I was born, I feel a connection with her because of the legacy that she left here on earth and in heaven. There are incredible numbers of people with her and Jesus in heaven because she stepped up when she was called.  She allowed God to work through her and use her.  She didn’t have formal training.  She didn’t take a special course.   She let go of the preconceived notions of what most women were doing in her small town, and God equipped her. 

I call my paternal grandmother “Grammy”.  My Grammy is Grandmuddy’s daughter and she has been sharing Grandmuddy’s legacy with me.  Keep checking our posts for more about Grandmuddy, her obedience, her adventures, and her legacy.



Update on little Raquel in Ubauna, Brazil.  Do we worship a Merciful and Powerful Savior or what?

Raquel (Post from

Saturday night Áudrey called me from Ubaúna. Here’s his report on Raquel:

Raquel went into cardiac failure on Thursday and the doctors worked on her for an hour, keeping her heart beating through CPR. After the beat was finally restored, they inserted an oxygen tube and put her on a breathing machine. They told the parents that it was only a matter of time, hours, before Raquel would die.

When the doctors came in of Friday morning, they were astonished to find her fully responsive. They removed her from the machine and she responded as though she’d never been sick! Unsure what was happening, they kept her in the ICU the rest of the day, knowing that she was going to take a turn for the worst.

Today [Saturday], they told the parents that they cannot explain what happened and they cannot justify keeping her in ICU any longer than tonight. They will put her in a regular room tomorrow [Sunday] and discharge her on Monday.

The doctors really are confused!

My, my, my… now isn’t that something. )

Áudrey wanted every to know how appreciative he was for your prayers!


By healing little Raquel, Jesus Christ has once again shown Satan that He is the one true God, the Great Healer and the Great Redeemer.  This was more than a simple infection…this was a direct attack on this family by Satan that was orchestrated by the Spiritists in this area in their desperate attempt to stop what God is doing in Ubauna.  Jesus has claimed this village as His own, and the darkness will no longer rule there. 

Please pray for little Raquel in Ubauna, Brazil.  The following is a post from Joe’s website, Ruminations concerning Raquel and the urgency of the situation:  

 When Thanksgiving Makes Me Cry – Joe Carr (

Yesterday was great! The perfect holiday: family, food and festivities.

Today, my heart hurts.

My friend and co-worker in Ubaúna, Áudrey, had emailed me on the eve of Thanksgiving with an urgent request. A 3-month old girl by the name of Raquel was dying of a severe infection. Áudrey had emailed, appealing to me to mobilize prayer warriors to pray in her behalf. It wasn’t just little Raquel dangling between life and death in the ICU. Her parents are brand new Christians. People believe they were cursed because they elected to follow Jesus and abandon the spirits they once worshipped. Little Raquel is proof that they are being punished.

Her illness is a battle between mighty powers.

Áudrey said he was choosing to believe in the miraculous and wanted us to participate in this battle with him.

Last night he sent me the following:

Elaine, the mother of Raquel, gave the baby water to drink from the [contaminated] reservoir. According to the doctors, this caused the infection. This led to pneumonia and strong seizures. Yesterday her breathing stopped and the doctors struggled for more than an hour to revive her. They were successful, but, she is now breathing only because she is hooked to a machine. Only God can cure her.

As bad as that is, let me tell you the rest of the story.

Rafael and Elaine, the parents, don’t have two pennies to rub together. If they are fortunate, they will manage a single “meal” each day (their “meal” would not meet our qualifications for the use of that word). The treated running water that used to come into their shanty neighborhood was cut off months ago by local politicians who didn’t like the way the neighborhood had voted in the last election. There are no wells. Elaine has to walk two miles to the local reservoir, which is highly contaminated, to get water.

She would normally boil it, but she can’t afford matches. So they drank the water.

What’s wrong with this picture?

We, blessed beyond our needs, Raquel dying because her parents can’t even afford matches.

People, this doesn’t have to happen. We can make a difference through simple things like this. But, are we so thankful for what we have that we turn our eyes from what makes us uncomfortable? Our pets receive better treatment than this Christian family.

As I said, my heart hurts…

My Thanksgiving!

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There are so many reasons for me to be thankful this year, and I try to daily thank God for the blessings I have in my life but I know that I don’t always do a good job of this.  There are millions, and probably billions, that have it so much worse than I do.  Therefore, I just wanted to make a list of some of the things I’m thankful for on this Thanksgiving:

1.  Jesus Christ:  that He loved me and thought enough of me to die a brutal death on Calvary so that I could be forgiven for my sins if I were to accept His Truth and His Salvation.  He not only died for me but He conquered death and rose from His grave.  Thank you Jesus for your merciful and gracious sacrifice.

2.  My beautiful wife, Christy.  I love you and love spending my life with you.  You’re my greatest blessing.

3.  That I am able to still spend time with my mom and dad. It’s such a blessing to still have them in my life, and I’m so thankful that they loved me unconditionally and cared for me.  I was never neglected or abused, and I always felt safe as a child.  For many, that’s only a dream.

4. That I have good health, can see, hear, talk, walk, and feel the world around me.  I am in good health and it’s a blessing because there are so many that would give anything to be able to experience the feeling of walking and running down a beach at low tide, picking up sea shells, or hearing “The Rose” just once, or being able to see all the beauty in this world.

5.  That my brother is doing well, and not living in the darkness that has followed him most of his life, and that he has a good companion in Tracie.

6.  To have close friends that care about me, and have been there for me and Christy in the challenges that we’ve had.

7.  To be out of the financial bondage that had enslaved us for many years.  God showed His Mercy and His Grace upon us and delivered us from it.  We didn’t deserve it but He still chose to answer our prayers. 

8.  For Audrey and Andreia, Gospel for Brazil’s first missionaries.  They are currently in Ubauna, and are sharing and teaching the Gospel to so many of the lost souls and new Christians in that area. They are a beautiful couple with such sweet spirits.  We can’t wait to see them next summer.

9. To live in  America, a country that has its problems but is free and allows its citizens to live without fear of persecution.  I can openly share the Gospel of Christ and go to church without being fearful of the government killing us for our views.  I can vote, own a home, get married to who I chose, watch and listen to what I want, live and work where I want.  We take these things for granted because for most of us that ‘s all we’ve ever known. 

10.  For God loving Christy and me enough to allow us to be a part of Gospel for Brazil and the amazing works that He is doing in that area.

11.  For the job I have at DFCS.  It’s a challenging and stressful job but we have a good office environment and building to work, decent pay and good benefits.  And we do make a difference to many.

12. For my healing that Jesus mercifully gave to me.  Not having allergies and taking prescriptions on a daily basis is a great blessing.  Thank you Jesus!

13.  For Joe and Arimar Carr.  They are an inspirational couple that means a lot to us, and they are working tirelessly for God through Gospel for Brazil.  Thank you for being a part of our lives and for all the work that you are doing for the lost souls of Brazil.

These are but a few.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you have many things to be thankful for at this time of the year.

Christians talk  A LOT  about Heaven. They talk about how it will be paved with streets of gold, there’ll be no more sickness, no more death, etc., so forth and on and on.  Granted, there will be streets paved with gold for as far as the eye will see, there will be no more sickness or death.  These are good things, and I’m definitely excited about them but when I think of dying and going to Heaven to be with my Savior, Jesus Christ, I get excited about other things, such as:

1. Simply meeting Jesus!  How awesome it will be to see Him standing there with millions of angels behind him, and seeing where He was pierced so that I may have Salvation.

2.  Meeting all those awesome, humble, wise, courageous servants of Christ that we have read about throughout the Bible:  Moses, Noah, Abraham, Elijah, Job, Peter, Paul, John, and Mark.  I could go on and on but what stories they will tell.  I can imagine being in their presence and just listening in awe at how they served their Lord and Savior. 

3.  Looking around and seeing children that are playing and dancing and singing, and there are no bruises, no broken arms, no burn marks and no abuse.  They are forever safe, and can just be the children that God intended for them to be.

4.  Seeing first hand how Christ’s children are welcomed into His Presence to live forever with us in Heaven.  I wonder about that a lot.  How will we be welcomed?  What will He say to us?  How will He Judge us?  Will it be like sitting in a movie theater all alone and seeing our lives played out before us?

5. Sitting with Christ, surrounded by geniune believers, and hearing Him answer all of the questions that we’ve had about Him, life and the universe. 

These are just five things I’m looking forward to?  There are many.  How about you?  What are five things you’re looking forward to?

Honoring God

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Driving down Abercorn Street in Savannah yesterday, I passed a little sports car that had “Honor God” stickered to the top of the front windshield.  Now, I didn’t know this guy nor did I the role that Jesus Christ played in his life but it got me thinking, “Can we truly honor God without accepting the Truth about His Son, Jesus Christ?” 

There are a lot of people and religions that talk about “God” but not many that will talk about Jesus.  It’s “God this” and “God that”.  They talk about following God, obeying God, listening to God and how God has changed their lives.  They throw His name around like it’s just another “name dropping” exercise at a shallow “who’s who” social gathering.  And then there are those people that don’t even believe He exists, and religions that speak of Jesus as just another guy that came to promote world peace.

And here in lies the underlying reason why people are dying every second, and being sentenced to eternal damnation.  We are willing to talk about God and all the blessings He has given to us but we’re not willing to tell people about the Gift of Salvation that comes only through Jesus Christ.  They talk and talk and talk about God but in the end the outcome is still the same. 

So let’s honor God by honoring His Son, Jesus Christ as the true Lord and Savior of our lives. 

Have you ever wondered what makes Satan laugh or what tickles his funny bone and gives him great delight?

Let’s see… maybe a good old Richard Pryor movie or Eddie Murphy stand-up routine?  No? Then how about a classic episode of Seinfeld or M.A.S.H.?  You have to admit that each of those were, and are, outrageously funny but I don’t think that’s what really makes Satan laugh out loud.

I think it’s Christians!  Now, I’m not talking about the geniune article; the person that has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and becomes a passionate disciple of Christ with the sole purpose of praising and honoring his Lord by reaching as many lost souls as humanly possible.  This person is full of humility, faith, hope and love because he knows that the Gift of Salvation wasn’t earned nor deserved.  It was given only by God’s Mercy and Grace for us.  They know that they are Christians who sin on a daily basis but seek His forgiveness and direction toward spiritual maturity.  Their most important trait though is the ability to speak the Truth of Christ, regardless of how it is perceived.  They know that Hell is real and it is being filled with the lost souls of this earth that has never heard nor accepted Christ as Savior.  They lovingly share the Gospel but make no apologies for what the Truth reveals; that we are sinners that are destined to be condemned to eternal Hell without the blood of Christ and our acceptance of His Gift of Salvation.

No, what makes Satan laugh and utterly happy are the persons that call themselves Christians but distort and water-down the Truth that God has set forth in the Bible.  They pick-and-choose those verses in the Bible that speak of God’s blessings for His people and His will to have us prosper.  They erect large, expensive and elaborate buildings, and equip them with all the best that video, audio, etc. has to offer, and then get sharp-looking men in $1,000 suits, and Tammy Faye inspired make-up to preach the Gospel of Prosperity and Self-awareness and Self-importance.  After all, we are the children of God and we should get some privileges, right?  Hey, we’ve become enlightened with the Truth.  We’ve been chosen!  This is what is preached and people come away with the idea that if they become Christians they will be abundantly blessed, will face no hardships, will tip-toe through the tulips with Christ on a daily basis and will become as rich as Bill Gates.  Accept Christ, and it’s Easy Street, here we come!

They then run out of the church and spread this false teaching.  They tell people the good and blessings that are awaiting them.  They tell them lots of lies and false truths but they don’t tell them the Truth:  being a Christian is hard.  It’s not always fun, and we may not ever be blessed in this life, and we may lose our family, friends and we may even lose our lives because of our faith in Jesus Christ. They don’t mention that our purpose is to reach lost souls and fulfill the Great Commission, regardless of cost or sacrifice, and at times, those costs and sacrifices may be high.  And Satan and his hell are conveniently overlooked as if they are but a children’s fable. 

You see, they are so afraid of offending anyone, and making anyone feel “guilty”.  They don’t want to speak the Truth because it may alienate them, and hurt people’s feelings, egos or pride.  They think they can bring America’s weak and Satan-driven political correctness into God’s Word, as if it’s acceptable.

So this is Satan’s comedy act:  the “Christian” that cannot, or will not, tell the Truth because they are afraid of being politically incorrect and offending anyone.   In the end, this makes Satan laugh until it hurts because he knows that they will not reach anyone for Christ.  When this happens, Satan’s comedy act then becomes God’s greatest act of trajedy.