Satan’s Comedy Act

Posted: November 13, 2007 in Christianity, Faith, Jesus, Life, The Great Commission
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Have you ever wondered what makes Satan laugh or what tickles his funny bone and gives him great delight?

Let’s see… maybe a good old Richard Pryor movie or Eddie Murphy stand-up routine?  No? Then how about a classic episode of Seinfeld or M.A.S.H.?  You have to admit that each of those were, and are, outrageously funny but I don’t think that’s what really makes Satan laugh out loud.

I think it’s Christians!  Now, I’m not talking about the geniune article; the person that has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and becomes a passionate disciple of Christ with the sole purpose of praising and honoring his Lord by reaching as many lost souls as humanly possible.  This person is full of humility, faith, hope and love because he knows that the Gift of Salvation wasn’t earned nor deserved.  It was given only by God’s Mercy and Grace for us.  They know that they are Christians who sin on a daily basis but seek His forgiveness and direction toward spiritual maturity.  Their most important trait though is the ability to speak the Truth of Christ, regardless of how it is perceived.  They know that Hell is real and it is being filled with the lost souls of this earth that has never heard nor accepted Christ as Savior.  They lovingly share the Gospel but make no apologies for what the Truth reveals; that we are sinners that are destined to be condemned to eternal Hell without the blood of Christ and our acceptance of His Gift of Salvation.

No, what makes Satan laugh and utterly happy are the persons that call themselves Christians but distort and water-down the Truth that God has set forth in the Bible.  They pick-and-choose those verses in the Bible that speak of God’s blessings for His people and His will to have us prosper.  They erect large, expensive and elaborate buildings, and equip them with all the best that video, audio, etc. has to offer, and then get sharp-looking men in $1,000 suits, and Tammy Faye inspired make-up to preach the Gospel of Prosperity and Self-awareness and Self-importance.  After all, we are the children of God and we should get some privileges, right?  Hey, we’ve become enlightened with the Truth.  We’ve been chosen!  This is what is preached and people come away with the idea that if they become Christians they will be abundantly blessed, will face no hardships, will tip-toe through the tulips with Christ on a daily basis and will become as rich as Bill Gates.  Accept Christ, and it’s Easy Street, here we come!

They then run out of the church and spread this false teaching.  They tell people the good and blessings that are awaiting them.  They tell them lots of lies and false truths but they don’t tell them the Truth:  being a Christian is hard.  It’s not always fun, and we may not ever be blessed in this life, and we may lose our family, friends and we may even lose our lives because of our faith in Jesus Christ. They don’t mention that our purpose is to reach lost souls and fulfill the Great Commission, regardless of cost or sacrifice, and at times, those costs and sacrifices may be high.  And Satan and his hell are conveniently overlooked as if they are but a children’s fable. 

You see, they are so afraid of offending anyone, and making anyone feel “guilty”.  They don’t want to speak the Truth because it may alienate them, and hurt people’s feelings, egos or pride.  They think they can bring America’s weak and Satan-driven political correctness into God’s Word, as if it’s acceptable.

So this is Satan’s comedy act:  the “Christian” that cannot, or will not, tell the Truth because they are afraid of being politically incorrect and offending anyone.   In the end, this makes Satan laugh until it hurts because he knows that they will not reach anyone for Christ.  When this happens, Satan’s comedy act then becomes God’s greatest act of trajedy.


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