Five Things I’m Looking Forward to In Heaven

Posted: November 20, 2007 in Christianity, Faith, Jesus, Life
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Christians talk  A LOT  about Heaven. They talk about how it will be paved with streets of gold, there’ll be no more sickness, no more death, etc., so forth and on and on.  Granted, there will be streets paved with gold for as far as the eye will see, there will be no more sickness or death.  These are good things, and I’m definitely excited about them but when I think of dying and going to Heaven to be with my Savior, Jesus Christ, I get excited about other things, such as:

1. Simply meeting Jesus!  How awesome it will be to see Him standing there with millions of angels behind him, and seeing where He was pierced so that I may have Salvation.

2.  Meeting all those awesome, humble, wise, courageous servants of Christ that we have read about throughout the Bible:  Moses, Noah, Abraham, Elijah, Job, Peter, Paul, John, and Mark.  I could go on and on but what stories they will tell.  I can imagine being in their presence and just listening in awe at how they served their Lord and Savior. 

3.  Looking around and seeing children that are playing and dancing and singing, and there are no bruises, no broken arms, no burn marks and no abuse.  They are forever safe, and can just be the children that God intended for them to be.

4.  Seeing first hand how Christ’s children are welcomed into His Presence to live forever with us in Heaven.  I wonder about that a lot.  How will we be welcomed?  What will He say to us?  How will He Judge us?  Will it be like sitting in a movie theater all alone and seeing our lives played out before us?

5. Sitting with Christ, surrounded by geniune believers, and hearing Him answer all of the questions that we’ve had about Him, life and the universe. 

These are just five things I’m looking forward to?  There are many.  How about you?  What are five things you’re looking forward to?

  1. I am looking forward to my mansion, and what kind of jewels God used to make it!

  2. i have just one – this world is like made of eggshells. In heaven, I look forward to not having to walk on it anymore. cuz i get tired sometimes. 🙂 i just want to sit on Dad’s lap. that would be nice, and that’s all I want.

  3. Neil says:

    There are so many things to look forward to. I guess I’m hanging around a different bunch, because I rarely hear people talking about Heaven. I think too many people avoid talking about Hell, and if they talk of Heaven it is hard not to recognize the alternative.

    Great post, and I like your list!

  4. patrickandchristy says:

    Thanks Neil. It is interesting how we conveniently forget about the “other”. I guess that’s why so many Christians are ineffective at reaching the lost b/c they don’t give hell the attention it needs b/c if we all truly understood we’d want NO ONE to go there.

  5. Alexi says:

    I’m looking forward to flying across the universe! 😀

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