Healing a Little Girl in Brazil and Conquering Satan: All In a Day’s Work for Our Awesome Savior

Posted: November 26, 2007 in Brazil, Christianity, Faith, Gospel for Brazil, Jesus, Life, Prayer
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Update on little Raquel in Ubauna, Brazil.  Do we worship a Merciful and Powerful Savior or what?

Raquel (Post from www.joecarr.wordpress.com)

Saturday night Áudrey called me from Ubaúna. Here’s his report on Raquel:

Raquel went into cardiac failure on Thursday and the doctors worked on her for an hour, keeping her heart beating through CPR. After the beat was finally restored, they inserted an oxygen tube and put her on a breathing machine. They told the parents that it was only a matter of time, hours, before Raquel would die.

When the doctors came in of Friday morning, they were astonished to find her fully responsive. They removed her from the machine and she responded as though she’d never been sick! Unsure what was happening, they kept her in the ICU the rest of the day, knowing that she was going to take a turn for the worst.

Today [Saturday], they told the parents that they cannot explain what happened and they cannot justify keeping her in ICU any longer than tonight. They will put her in a regular room tomorrow [Sunday] and discharge her on Monday.

The doctors really are confused!

My, my, my… now isn’t that something. )

Áudrey wanted every to know how appreciative he was for your prayers!


By healing little Raquel, Jesus Christ has once again shown Satan that He is the one true God, the Great Healer and the Great Redeemer.  This was more than a simple infection…this was a direct attack on this family by Satan that was orchestrated by the Spiritists in this area in their desperate attempt to stop what God is doing in Ubauna.  Jesus has claimed this village as His own, and the darkness will no longer rule there. 

  1. WOW that is really awesome! Praise the Lord!!

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