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Recently I was planning for a Tupperware Bingo party being held at a local nursing home.  I had called, emailed and given out invitations to as many people as I could, hoping to have a lot of guests, orders and of course, a big profit.  Things were looking promising and I was getting a lot of interest from the people I was inviting.  I prayed that God would  send the people that He wanted and willed to be there and reminded myself that He is in control.

Feeling good about my preparations and reminder calls, I was disappointed when I started getting the emails that some of the people I had thought would be able to come, were going to be unable to attend.  A few more had promised to call the day of the bingo to let me know how many would be coming with them, but they didn’t call.  I called to check on them, and one by one, they all said that they wouldn’t be able make it.

Now feeling disappointed and as if my efforts had been a waste of time, I rushed from one side of town to the other to make it to the once promising event. There were so many other things that I could be spending my time doing, other than going to an event that was not going to be profitable.  But again, I prayed that God would send the people that He wanted to attend.  Maybe someone that I hadn’t expected to attend would show up!  I remembered that God is in control and I am responsible for the efforts and He will take care of the results.

While none of my guests came, I was excited to see that many of the nursing home residents came to play Bingo. I hadn’t really thought about the people who lived at the nursing home attending the Bingo!  What a blessing!  The residents were so much fun and they all cheered when one of their friends won Bingo (at Tupperware Bingo, you yell, “Tupperware!” and get a Tupperware product as a prize).

We had refreshments afterwards and I had a chance to talk to some of the residents.  They were amazing! And the Activities Director who helped to plan the event was so loving and caring towards the residents.  She is in the right ministry and God is really using her to better the lives of those wonderful residents.  

Yes, God is always in control and I realized that God wanted me to be there… I was the one to receive the blessing. It was not a financial blessing, but something much better.  It was a gift of love and hope. 

I know that the residents at the nursing home enjoyed playing Bingo and won some great Tupperware prizes, but I was the big winner.  So often we try to plan our lives down to the most minute detail to make our will come to pass instead of keeping our eyes on God and His will.  That’s when we are open to His blessings and all of the wonderful things that He has in store for us.  -C.


Areas of the world where Christians face persecution include:

Afghanistan Egypt Libya Somalia
Algeria Eritrea Malaysia Sri Lanka
Azerbaijan Ethiopia Maldives Sudan
Bangladesh Gaza and the West Bank Mindanao, Philippines Syria
Belarus India Mauritania Tajikistan
Bhutan Indonesia Morocco Tibet (China)
Brunei Iran Nepal Tunisia
Burma (Myanmar) Iraq Nigeria Turkey
Chiapas, Mexico Jordan North Korea Turkmenistan
China Kuwait Oman United Arab Emirates
Colombia Kyrgyzstan Pakistan Uzbekistan
Comoros Laos Qatar Vietnam
Cuba Lebanon Saudi Arabia Yemen

It is not coincidence or “happen-stance” that America has been blessed with tremendous resources and religious freedom.  It is God-given, and with it comes a monumental responsibility to lead this world in fulfilling the Great Commission and being a voice for those that are being persecuted daily so that Christ can be honored and followed.  Please join Christ’s army in praying for the Christians that are being persecuted for boldly reaching the lost for Christ. 

With great freedom comes great responsibility.  Let’s take a moment to thank God for the freedom He has given us, and then let’s join the fight (

Who was the greatest martyr in history?  If this question was asked to 100 people, you’d probably get a diverse listing of persons believed to have died a martyrs death.  But in reality there is only one that stands alone….Jesus Christ. 

Christ came to offer redemption to a sinful and lost world through his grace-filled Gift of Salvation, and he died for it because many refused to accept His Divinity as Messiah.  They did not understand the truth that he professed, and they did what most ignorant of the truth do; they dismissed Him as crazy, ridiculed him and marginalized him.  Many people have experienced this in their lives, and it usually stops there.  However, when someone refuses to be dismissed, and they continue to speak an unpopular truth, then the status quo becomes threatened and people get anxious because they know that the veneers they have hidden behind will soon be exposed.  This is when it often escalates into extreme persecution in the form of beatings, torture, imprisonment and death.  Can’t shut the threat up???  Then kill it!!! 

Christians all over this world are being persecuted and killed for professing the Truth that Christ himself died for.  However, in our watered-down version of American Christianity with all of our political protection, we have become blind to the plot of Christians that are truly suffering for Christ.  It scares us because we know that it could be us that faces this persecution. We, as Christians, may be asked to pay the ultimate price for sharing the Truth of Jesus Christ.  We hope not but only God knows our fate. 

We must take off our blinders and see the persecution that is happening to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  We have to join their fight in whatever ways that God may ask of us.  Becoming educated and aware of the persecution has to be the first step.  Secondly, we have join Christ’s Army in fighting and defeating it. 

Please go to this site and sign up as a member so you can know the persecution that our family members are facing, and to start DOING SOMETHING about it:

This is the site for “Voice of the Martyrs”, and is a great resource in becoming educated about the persecution, and becoming involved. 

We want people to be able to contact us for additional information about anything found on our site.  If you are an unbeliever and would like more information about Christ and His Gift of Salvation, then email us.  If you want more information on Gospel for Brazil, then email us.  If you would like to discuss something in confidence, then email us.

Walking into the Newborn Nursery this morning at a local hospital, I found myself in the middle of a very chaotic world.  Nurses and doctors were walking in and out, scurrying to one baby, then another, and newborns were spread all over the room, bundled snuggly in their little “blanket tortillas”.  They were cooing and grunting their confusion at this crazy new world that they had just arrived into.  One little guy was making sure his little lungs were functioning properly.  They were!  He was screaming bloody murder, and rightfully so I found out…he was getting circumcised.  Poor little guy!  Thinking about it, I almost joined him but figured that my outburst wouldn’t “reflect” well for the State of Georgia.

The whole room vibrated with activity and new life, and that familiar, sweet smell that is unique to newborns filled the air.  It was refreshing to a tired soul.

I made my way into the room to locate the baby that I needed to see, expecting the whole staff to question me about why some guy with a file folder and notebook under his arm and “official” looking ID dangling from his neck was standing in the middle of the nursery.  However, no one acknowledged my presence except one girl with a white coat on and black-rimmed glasses that glanced at me as if I had three heads.  A part of me wanted to scream out, “Freeze, hands ups.  This is a stick up.  No one do anything stupid and we’ll all live through this” but again, my better judgement prevailed and not wanting to be assaulted by some secret ninja hospital security staff, I just stood there. 

I then asked to no one in particular, “where is the so and so baby?”  My new friend with the glasses pointed somewhere over to the right of the room and then pushed a baby crib over to me.  Great… she really is helpful.  I looked down at the baby and had the distinct impression of “uhhh, I don’t think this is him.”  So I asked again.  Again, same point.  I walked over to another baby.  Now I was making progress.  Right color baby with just a hint of hot pink glow.  “This him?”  Looking thoroughly disgusted (even more so), my new friend just nodded.

I looked down to my find my little guy wrapped in his “blanket tortilla”, sound asleep as if he wasn’t even aware of this crazy world he was in.  I gently placed my hand on his blanket, and I had such a strong urge to pray for him.  I rocked him, ever so slightly, as I began to pray for him (with my eyes open).  Suddenly, he looked up at me and his mouth awakened into the biggest grin as if to let me know he understood.  He then closed his eyes and went back to sleep with a contented look on his face.  My heart filled with such awe at this little miracle that my Lord had just created, and I sensed God’s presence over him. 

Sometimes God shows up when we least expect it and He says, “See.  I am always here and I will always come when my children call me.”

I don’t know what kind of life my little guy is going to have.  It isn’t starting out so promising but in the end I know that my Lord will be with him and will watch over him, even in the darkest of his days. 

Before Christ ascended to the right hand of God’s Throne after His resurrection, He gave His disciples and His followers the command, The Great Commission.  Jesus commanded that His follower’s were to “go unto all nations, baptizing them in the Holy Spirit and teaching them His Word, His Truth (my paraphrase).”  He was essentially commanding us to reach all of the losts souls that live within this wicked world so they could be redeemed through the Blood of Christ that was shed on that wooden cross. 

Sounds monumentally impossible doesn’t it?  Well…it is, for us anyway but not for our merciful and powerful God.  It is peanuts for Him.  He could touch every lost soul on this earth and they instantly be redeemed as His children.  But He has chosen not to do it in this manner.  He wants us, allows us to honor Him by being on the frontline of His Army.  An Army of “Little Christ’s” that have but ONE objective:  reach as many lost souls as we humanly can.  Now, we don’t have any power to “save” anyone.  That’s His objective, His responsibility.  We are asked only to reach the lost of this world. 

So how do we accomplish our objective?  As you may recall from my earlier series, “God, The Great Commisson and The United States”, there are three primary ways to accomplish this: go unto the nations, financially support those that go and become a prayer warrior in Christ’s Army. The minumum is to do one of these.  In my personal opinion, no “Little Christ” has any excuse to participate in any less than ALL of these.  But start with one.  You have do one first before you can do the second and the third. 

Many are confused about the terms, “missionary” and “missions”.  They think that they are not missionaries nor have they participated in missions unless they have gone to some exotic, international locale.  Simply not true.  If you are reaching lost souls for Christ, then you are a “missionary” that participates in “missions” right where you are.  I do “mission” work everyday in my daily life, and this is a good start but that’s only a beginnning really.  We must be active in missions work in our community AND within our own nation AND internationally.  We must participate in all three!  I know there will be “Little Christ’s” that will argue they “haven’t been called” to participate in national or international mission work but I will tell you that you are mistaken and/or confused.  Jesus clearly states His “expectation” in Matthew 28:  18-20. 

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get started.  Gospel for Brazil is in need of serious, committed PRAYER WARRIORS!!!!!  God is doing an awesome work in Ubauna, Brazil and Satan is not happy about it (not that that matters).  We are in need of people that will go to our Lord in intercessory prayer for the lost souls of Brazil and Ubauna. 

First order of business:  Please pray for Joe Carr and his fellow GFB board member as they are currently in Brazil to meet with our full-time pastors in Fortaleza and Ubauna to go before God in fervant prayer to seek God’s direction and guidance concerning the “next steps” that God wants us to take.  Pray that their spirits will be open to receiving God’s short-term and long-term vision for GFB. Pray that God will bind Satan and place him under the foot of His Holy Son, Jesus Christ so that they will be protected during their travels.  Pray that the earthquakes in that area will cease, that God will pour out His rain abundantly on that drought stricken area and the conflict between Venezula and Columbia will not interrupt their trip.  This all goes hand-and-hand because Satan is working overtime to keep Joe and Paul from reaching Ubauna and seeking God’s face there. 

NOTE: I will be adding a Prayer Warrior page with very specific prayer requests related to The Great Commission and Gospel for Brazil.  Please check it often.