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Posted: October 22, 2008 in Christianity, Faith, Jesus, Life
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How Would Jesus Vote

While reading about the upcoming election, and the choice we face, this question popped into my mind.  As I pondered this, and allowed myself to think about my decision to vote for either McCain or Obama, I wondered if it was really this simple.  I mean, we’ve all heard the expression, “WWJD – What would Jesus Do?”  Would Jesus sleep with his best friend’s wife?  No!  Would Jesus do drugs?  Ahhh, nope!  Would Jesus murder his whole family, and then claim insanity?  That’s a negative!  Although a simple way to approaching our lives to ensure we make wise, and Godly decisions, it  really is effective and usually leads to God-centered lives that reflect the light of Jesus Christ.

So, why not vote accordingly!  Let’s examine this a little further:

1.  Would Jesus vote for the killing of unborn babies? 

God is clear about how he views murder.  If you doubt this, then just find a copy of the Ten Commandments.  You don’t even have to spend time looking it up in the Bible.  Now, satan can attempt to distort the abortion and “when does life truly begin?” issue but to anyone that has even a tenth of a brain can figure out it’s within the first moments after that little sperm has victoriously united with the egg.  Ask yourself….can a dead cell, dead organism grow?  Can it?  No!!!  Therefore, aborting a baby at any point during the pregnancy is what it is….murder!  From day one until birth, the life of that unborn child is growing, developing and maturing into a little boy or little girl. 

Michael Vick can raise pit bulls to fight each other to the death, starving them and torturing them in the process and he gets skewered, sentenced to a year in prison.  You kill a cat or dog, and you can be arrested and sentenced to do time.  You abort an unborn baby….nothing.  No arrests, no time…it’s just a choice that you made and the law protects you.  Why is a dog’s life more valuable than an unborn baby’s life? 

2.  Would Jesus vote for same-sex marriage? 

Again, for someone not versed in the Bible or a Christian, this may be a “toughy”.  However, Jesus is clear that homosexuality is an abomination to God, and will be judged harshly.  Marriage is a sacred, God-created, ordained institution that is reserved for a man and a woman.  It is the cornerstone of a family founded on morals and values.  The rise of and acceptance of homosexuality in our country is creating a spiritually weak, dumbed down society that satan is using to destroy families and the United States.  Children are being raised by gays, without God and thoroughly confused spiritually.  These children are surrounded by a darkness that is covering up the light of God.

3.  Would Jesus vote for someone that name-drops God to gain votes and supports a culture of hatred? 

All my life, I’ve been taught the importance of being associated with “the right people”, “good people”, “people of high moral character”, etc, etc..  The older I’ve gotten the more I understand the basic truth in this.  But suddenly, the media and Obama have casually, and deceptively, dismissed this truth.  The more we find out about the type of people that Obama has placed in his life, the more we’re told that it doesn’t mean anything.  I can surround myself with people that preach hatred of others and their country, who have terrorized and murdered people, and it means nothing.  Obama’s association with “Reverand” Wright should be all we need to know to dismiss Obama as someone “of high moral character.”  Add in the fact that he lies about his true faith, and you have a seriously shady dude.

Who do you think Jesus would vote for?  How do you think He would have us vote? 

I can claim to be a Christian until hell freezes over but the proof is in how we live our lives, and that includes how we vote.  In good “christian conscience”, can we vote for someone that supports values in direct opposition to God and His commands?  I think the decision is….well, no decision at all.  It’s for the guy not named Obama, and worshipped by the media.  The time has come for Christians to put people in office that aren’t going to support the killing of babies, same-sex marriage and shady dudes.  If we don’t, then we may as well hand our country over to satan and tell him to “have a field day.”

I read, hear or see things on a daily basis that makes me wonder how we got so stupid, confused, out-of-touch, hopeless, faithless and spiritually void of Christ.  Ever wonder if we’re living in the End Times?  You decide.

1.  A three-year old Nepalese girl has been anointed as a living goddess.  She is being worshipped as the incarnation of the powerful Hindu deity Taleju.  Devotees will touch their foreheads to her feet and parade her around in a chariot pulled by other devotees to show their respect for her.  During her goddess years, she will be taken from her family in an impoverished slum to the palatial palace in Katmandu where she will be held in almost total isolation until she reaches puberty.  Once she hits puberty, she will be stripped of her divine status and sent home.  Once home, she will face a life of lonely hardship because Nepalese tradition states that any man that marries a former livng goddess is destined to die young.  I wonder what the one true God, Jesus Christ thinks about this? 

2.  The Virgin Mary made an appearance on a hospital window/wall in Springfield, and people began congregating at the hospital to pray and say “Hail Marys”.  People even brought lounge chairs so they could sit and look at the “sign from God” on the window.  On the video, you could see people with hands folded praying and I think I even saw a tear drop or two.  Again, am I missing something with this whole Virgin Mary thingy?  She is dead isn’t she?  Honestly, I thought the image looked like Jesus myself.  Hey…I think I’ll get my lounging chair and head to Springfield.  Anyone want to come along?  No wonder nobody can find Jesus around here!  He’s in Springfield hanging out on a wall at a hospital.

3.  The wise state of Nebraska passed a law that reads that any parent, for any reason can basically “turn in” their child/ren to the local hospital, fire station, police station and not face any criminal repercussions.  Some guy that figured out having 10 children just wasn’t a bright idea decided to do just that!   He took 9 of his children to the local hospital and left them because he said he couldn’t care for them anymore.  Uhhhh, maybe he should have thought this whole child thing out a little better.  No wonder our youth have a darkness surrounding them with parents like this guy.

4.  Clay Aiken came “out of the closet”, proudly telling us what most already knew….I’m gay.  To make matters worse, he has a newborn baby and he still calls himself a “born again Christian.”  For all you gays that are offended, don’t worry.  I’m not judging him.  God will take care of that.  I’m just wondering what “Bible” he’s been reading and if he’s going to recommend this same “Bible” to his child?

5.  Barack Obama is getting ready to become the next President of the United States.  He may not be the Anti-Christ; just one of the anti-Christs that rolls out the red carpet for the Anti-Christ.  He effortlessly spews forth lies as if taught by satan himself.  Anyone who lies about being a Christian in such a public manner to gain votes and promote his agenda (which we don’t really know what that may truly be) causes me great concern.  Hey…I’m not the one who slipped up and referred to “my Muslim faith” while talking with George Stephanopolos in a taped interview.  I don’t know of any of my Christian friends who’ve made that slip-up.

I could go on and on, and I’m sure you can add to the list but I’ll end this version on that last one.

“And God will provide rest for you who are being persecuted and also for us when the Lord Jesus appears from heaven.  He will come with his mighty angels (8) in flaming fire, bringing judgment on those that don’t know God and on those who refuse to obey the Good News of our Lord Jesus. (9) They will be punished with eternal destruction, forever separated from the Lord and from his glorious power.”  2 Thessalonians 1: 7-9 (NLT)

There was once a time when America was truly great and respected throughout the world as a light for those living outside our borders but I sense that those days are more a memory than reality today.  Many of our “leaders” in Washington and throughout state and local governments have become like self-serving gluttons that have dined at the table of greed and corruption. Their deception and misuse of our trust has only been limited by their level of creativity and political savvyness.  They lie, they cheat and they steal with satan-like resolve and ease, slowly eroding our country’s founding morals and values until we’re left with a society that is void of God and a spiritual wasteland. 

However, instead of holding them accountable, we have embraced and even adopted their deceit and corruption by continually placing them back into office to continue gorging themselves at our expense.  We have allowed them to regulate God to such an extent that we risk destroying the very religious freedom that this country was founded upon.  For me, it’s not outrageous to envision a day coming where we can’t even read the Bible or mention the name of Jesus in public without threat of arrest or persecution.  You think taking prayer out of schools was an act unto itself?  If you do, then you better take your head out of the sand.  It was the beginning of a calculated plan by satan to use our spiritually weak and dead leaders to carry out his attempt to exterminate Jesus Christ from our society. 

This removal and marginalization of God in our society has caused the moral fiber of our country, and specifically our leaders, to be frayed and in danger of breaking.  It has led to a government that feeds it own unquenchable appetites for power and money while simultaneously stomping on the poor, needy and struggling middle class.  Pure, primal capitalistic desires are often the mortal enemy of mercy, grace, love and forgiveness but capitalism tempered with mercy, grace, and love for the world, the life around us and centered in Jesus Christ can become a powerful ally in constructing a society that is God-fearing, moral and ethical. 

Unfortunately though, our leaders have regulated God to a mere political platform, and have placed their souls into the hands of satan.   Their self-serving ways have corrupted their decisions, and turned a once great country into a remnant of itself.  Our country is at a crisis crossroads, and there is only one road that can be taken to restrengthen this country, and turn us off of the current Road to Hell that we are on…the road that leads us back into the Bible and God’s Ways. 

We have to cry out to God as a nation, humble ourselves and ask repentance.  We have to put God and His Son, Jesus Christ back into our society, front-and-center.  We have to put prayer back in schools, and God back in our government.  We have to elect Christian leaders that will point us to Christ, and rule as servants of the people, just a Jesus himself did.  We have to tell people it’s not acceptable to kill unborn children, and that same-sex marriage is an enemy to our children and families.  We have to tell people that drugs and alcohol aren’t diseases of the physical body but actually spiritual diseases that manifest themselves through the physical body.  We have to get mothers back into the homes and back “children focused” instead of “career focused”, regardless of what the feminists say about it.  It’s fine for mothers to work outside the home but not at the expense of their children. We also have to get fathers back seated as the spirutual head of our homes and Christ as the spiritual head of our churches.  Our children are walking in a culture of darkness and are being devoured by satan and his dominions.  They are growing up godless and clueless to the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…thus becoming godless adults that become our leaders responsible for directing our country.  And we wonder why our country is experiencing a disintegration of our morals and values?!?!

We have to remember that this country, the United States of America was founded on the principles and Word of God.  God  was the reason for the pilgrims coming to America.  They wanted a place that God had given to them so they could freely worship him, and build a nation upon His Rock, the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our country WAS NOT founded by Islamists or Muslims or Scientologists or Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses but Christians.  Because of their sacrifices, we have a nation that allows the religious freedoms that Islamists, Muslims and other faiths enjoy without persecution.  But that is where the line has to be drawn in the sand.  Our country has to find its way back to the one true God and His Word.  No other God or religion will cause God’s growing wrath to be softened.  People of other faiths should be able to freely practice whatever religion of their choosing but it should be understood that we are a country that follows where God and His Son, Jesus Christ leads.  Don’t like it, then leave.  I would rather America offend an atheist or person of another religion than God himself.

We have to realize that we are either for God or against God.  We have to realize that we either serve God or serve satan.  There is no middleground in this spiritual battle that we are engaged in.  We are in a spiritual “tug-of-war” and we are allowing satan to drag us and our country through the mud. 

God is longing for us to return to him, humble and seeking forgiveness.  His Son, Jesus Christ died for all of mankind so that we may have the opportunity to hear the Truth about Christ, and seek the Gift of Salvation that He wants so desparately to give us.  Jesus Christ was, and is, our “spiritual bail-out intervention plan” but it is offered only to those that are willing to seek Christ in repentance and obey His ways.  He will deliver us, and He will deliver our nation if we point it back to Christ.  Christ is the only way!!!

The day of spiritual reckoning is approaching, and we have to realize that God offers no eternal bail-out intervention once we die and leave this earth, headed for our judgment.  Maybe our crooked politicians will bail out the corrupt financial institutions but God will not do the same for us once our life is finished.  We have to repent and turn from our evil ways now, in this life, or we will pay the ultimate price for our godless ways. 

Our country already is paying that price!