11 Week Old Aborted Fetus


A story that’s gotten a lot of attention lately (no, not Michael Jackson) is the desecration of more than 300 graves at an African-American cemetary known as the final resting place for many well-known African-Americans.  Not only were the bodies dug up and the plots resold but many of the bodies were dismembered and buried in mass graves at the back of the property.  They’ve arrested four persons in connection with this crime, charging them with Dismemberment of a Human Body.  Each person could face up to 30 years in prison for digging up dead bodies and dismembering them.  Yes, I agree that this is a deplorable crime and there should be punishment but 30 years for dismembering a dead, lifeless body.  Really?  Are you serious?

Now, tell me how many years someone is sentenced for having an abortion or more specifically, for killing or dismembering an unborn, LIVING  fetus/childCome on….tick-tock, tick-tock, time’s running out?  Any guesses?  Yep, once again you’re right….NOTHING!  No penalty, no consequences, no legal action whatsoever!!!

So, still clinging to the notion that we are a Christian nation???

  1. maybe? says:

    Apparently not when one can be so judgemental towards others. I think it’s fine to believe that God would feel this is wrong but can’t you leave that judgement and punishing up to him? It seems like that kind of attitude would lead to the only type of ‘Christian nation’ that anyone would want really want to see

  2. patrickandchristy says:

    maybe?…..judgmental? So, if we feel that the murder of another individual (not including the unborn) should be punished as the law dictates, then we are being judgmental? If Johnny kills Frankie, we expect expect punishment correct? Do you feel that Johnny should not be held accountable and should be free to kill? That would be foolish to not expect punishment, right? But yet, no one accuses anyone that holds to this judgmental.

    One, I wasn’t being judgmental but stating facts…..the killing of unborn children is legal and is not punished under law but the dismembering of dead, lifeless bodies are punishable by up to 30 years in prison. This is crazy logic. I agree that those persons should be held accountable but to state that an unborn child is not, in fact, a living being and the killing of an unborn child should not be considered murder is also foolishness. Science clearly shows this is a person….a living being. We term it fetus/blob/tissue to take away the humaness of the child and therefore, make ourselves feel better and “justified” in our killing of him or her so that we don’t have to feel guilt and be held responsible for the shed blood of the innocent. The law also recognizes an unborn child as living because if someone that is pregnant is murdered, then the murderer is charged with two counts, one for the mother and one for the unborn child. Hypocrisy at its best. No, I wasn’t being judgmental. Before you accuse someone of being judgmental, seek to understand what that truly means and implies. A nation that respects ALL life as God does…yea, that’s a nation that understands life at it’s most fundamental. The fact that over 40 million children have died to abortion should cause us great grief and shame as a nation.

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