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Sitting here surrounded by our parents and Christy’s grandmother, in our beautiful home counting down the hours til we dig into the Low Country Boil waiting patiently in the refrigerator, I cannot help but to feel overwhelmingly blessed and thankful for all that God has given me in this life.  A beautiful, godly woman as my wife that I get to chase God with.  Parents that are still with me on this earth and in good health.  A brother that is on his way to finding recovery and meaning in his life.  A few good friends that I can count on.  A beautiful, Southern Belle of a city surrounded by breathtaking stretches of beach, rivers and marshes in which to live.  My health.  A career in which I get to make a true difference in people’s lives.  A Holy Spirit-led church that still believes in the real power of Christ and is a light unto its community to belong too.  A small role in a missions ministry that reaches the lost and hurting of Brazil – Gospel for Brazil.

I could go on and on listing the things that I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving holiday but they’re all nothing compared to the one thing that I am most thankful for in this life….my relationship with Jesus Christ!  Because of the sacrificial blood that he shed on a cross so many years ago, I have been rescued from hell and born again as a child of the Risen Lord.  He redeemed me.  He forgave me.  He healed my spirit and filled it with His Holy Spirit, giving me a joy and peace that is no longer dependent on the things of this world.  He gave me  purpose and direction, and the power and authority to reach the lost, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed.  So as I sit here writing this post, I wonder what else I could ever need in this lifetime!?!  Nothing!  For Jesus is enough….He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

To all my family, friends and passers-by to the site – Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  May you have a blessed day with the people you care most about, and I hope you remember your true blessings with humble thankfulness.  And for those that do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior, may this be the day that your greatest thanksgiving comes to life….a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Being baptized in the Holy Spirit, for a Christian, is like a kid receiving the most awesomely pimped-out bike in the neighborhood.  The bike is the kid’s vehicle to status and power within his sphere of influence.  When he is on his bike, he’s invincible.  He can pop wheelies and ride them miles at a time.  He can jump the widest and deepest ditches.  He wins every 100 yard dash and every marathon race around the neighborhood circle.  Kids on last year’s tired model or rusted out shell of a “has-been” bike envies him, and respects his authority as “The One”,  yielding to his authority.

Now imagine being told by your parents, after receiving your pimped-out bike that’s going to take you from neighborhood geek to ultra-cool dude, that you can only ride it on the drive-way.  No wheelies allowed.  No Evel Knievel jumps over five lawnmowers.  No glory…just “what-ifs”.

For us as Christians, the Holy Spirit is our vehicle to power and authority in the spiritual “neighborhood.”  It’s our ride into the supernatural realm of anointed preaching, teaching, healing and deliverance.  The Holy Spirit can set the spiritual captives free, bring hope to the desperate, joy to the depressed and deliverance to the oppressed.  IF….we take the shackles off and tear down the man-made, denominational boxes we have placed the Spirit in, and allow Christ to work fully and mightily through the Church.


It isn’t often that we get to donate $10-$20 to a cause that can truly impact someone’s life in a significant and meaningful manner.  Please go to to donate and assist Gospel for Brazil in making Christmas a special memory for a child living in extremely impoverished conditions.  Below is some information about “Christmas in Ubauna – 2009” from GFB’s site.


Xmas 2009

Imagine a life that is lived out in a desolate region where the heat makes people old before their time, where food is a precious commodity that is typically consumed just once daily and clean water is rare. Imagine the life of a child growing up in such an environment.


Now imagine the face of a child in that environment receiving a box full of “goodies” that he could not possibly afford to purchase. Pencils, hair ribbons, a toy car, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, candy. Imagine that taking place on Christmas day. Imagine never having celebrated Christmas before. Imagine discovering that someone, somewhere, loves you so much that they’d make such a day possible for you.

This is Christmas in Ubaúna 2009.

Two hundred children are going to experience Christmas for the first time ever in their lives on December 25, 2009. Two hundred special boxes are ready to make their journey to the interior of northeastern Brazil. Two hundred children are going to be surprised on Christmas. An entire village is going to be awed by the love of Jesus being shown to them in a special way.

If you would like to be a part of this special surprise Christmas party, a simple gift of $10-20 will help make the party happen. Contributions are being accepted up to December 13.

A financial donation of $10-20 on your part not only will bring a smile to an impoverished child’s face, it will open the doors to bring Jesus into their homes.