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Jesus Christ loves YOU!  Let Him love you!  Let His love bring you out of the darkened shadows that you have walked in for far too long.  Let His love touch you, embrace you….heal you.  His Love is power and it can set you free.  Free of your addictions, your pain, your depression, your mental illness, your suffering, your guilt and your condemnation.  His love for you is outrageously radical and crazy!  Let Him love you today.  It will change your life and the old you will be put to rest so that you may walk in a new identity in Christ, full of His Love, His Hope, His Mercy, His Grace, His Power, His Authority, His Life and His Kingdom. 

Christ loves you sooooo much.  Let Him. Let Him.  Just let Him.


Last night the Holy Spirit came to me while I slept, speaking Words of Knowledge into my dream.  Standing before me was a teenage, white female that was suffering from a lot of pain in her shoulder (I’m remembering LEFT) and could barely lift it due to the pain and stiffness in it.  I was talking with her mother and her before praying healing over her.  Her mother told me that she had been diagnosed with a disease approximately one month ago, and the pain/stiffness in her shoulder was a symptom.  Her mother clearly told me the disease in the dream  but I had difficulty understanding it  (therefore, I can’t recall the specific name from the dream).  Both the mother and girl were greatly saddened. 

However, before I prayed for her, a black female in her late teens, early twenties walked into the room with two of her older family members.  I got the sense it was her mother and grandmother.  She was pregnant, and had some darkness (bruising perhaps) around her left eye.  I asked what was wrong.  She told me that she was pregnant and she had been diagnosed with cancer and it had affected her baby.  She asked me to pray for her.  I laid my right hand on her pregnant stomach and began to pray healing over her in the name of Jesus.  She began to show visible signs that the Spirit was moving, and she was suddenly slain in the Spirit, going down to the floor.  I continued to pray over her.  Looking out of my left peripheral vision, I could see that both of her family members were also on the floor, slain in the Spirit.  I sensed the young, pregnant female was healed of her cancer.  Then, before I could pray for the first girl, I woke up.  I didn’t get names or any other specifics.

At first, I thought it was just a really cool, good dream.  The Spirit knew this and clearly (not audibly though) told me that they were Words of Knowledge.  My spirit sensed this confirmation.  The Spirit didn’t want me thinking it was just a dream.  I sensed I had to tell my pastor so that I could share these with the church (out of my comfort zone), which I did when I arrived at church but I didn’t have the opportunity to come forward and share nor have I seen these persons today. 

Therefore, I don’t know who these Words of Knowledge are for.  I’m praying for God to reveal them or allow them to come across my path so I can be obedient and pray healing over them.  I sense that Jesus wants to heal these ladies and work a mighty miracle in their  lives.   Why am I writing this?  Not exactly sure but the Spirit told me to share.

If you are reading this and this is you, I want to offer these prayers of healing up to the Great Healer, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ so that He may touch you and take these physical burdens from you:

For my teen friend:  I ask that your Holy Spirit, Jesus, would come and touch my friend.  Let her feel your presence Lord.  Let your Spirit of Peace engulf her in a loving embrace.  She is afraid Jesus, full of anxiety about this disease that the doctors have so non-chalantantly told her that she has.  She is in pain, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I ask in the name of Jesus, that the pain in her left arm be removed.  Touch her shoulder, loosen it and relax her muscles, in the name of Jesus, restoring full motion, mobility and function to her shoulder.  Let all feeling come back, the numbness being removed in Jesus’ name.  Thank you Jesus for your touch.  Thank you Jesus for touching my friend.  I pray, in the name of Jesus, that this disease be destroyed, overcome by the healing blood of Jesus Christ.  I pray in the name of Jesus that her body be restored to perfect health, free of pain, free of sickness and disease, in Jesus’ name.  Touch her Jesus, restore her life.  Give her a new hope, and a new life.  Disease, we take authority over you now in the name of Jesus and command you to leave now.  You must leave now in the name of Jesus.  We take authority over you and we claim healing victory in her life.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you Jesus.  We praise you and worship you for the healing work that you have performed in my friend’s life.  Thank you.  In Jesus name, Amen.

For the  pregnant mother:  Father, bless us with your holy presence.  Allow the Holy Spirit of your Son, Jesus Christ to be present with her.  Father, she is just a precious mother-to-be that loves you and is so excited about this Gift of Life that you have blessed her with.  Hug her Father.  Love on her Father.  Let her feel a peace and joy that is not of this world but is of You, Lord.  Across the miles, I stretch my hand out to touch her stomach, praying in the name of Jesus that her cancer will be fully and completely killed, cleansed from her body and her baby in the name of Jesus.  Jesus, touch all of the cancerous cells in her body and the body of her baby.  Destroy them in your name, Jesus.  Restore their health fully and completely in your precious name, Jesus.  No surgery, no radiation, no chemotherapy….just your healing touch Jesus.  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Jesus!  In the name of Jesus, all pain must leave, all nausea, all tenderness must leave now.  In the name of Jesus, I pray that this precious unborn life will be restored to perfect health and that Your Holy Angels will watch over and protect this beautiful little life.  It is done.  It is done.  The healing blood of Christ has been poured out into your life and the life of your precious unborn child.  We praise you Lord for your healing.  We praise you and glorify you Lord.  You are worthy Jesus and we thank you.  Sing my friend, sing my friend,  “Healing rain is falling down, healing rain is falling down, faith is rising, I’m not afraid, healing rain is falling down, yes it is, healing rain is falling down.”   Thank you Jesus.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If this was you, thank Jesus for your healing.  If you are reading this and know someone that is suffering in these ways, please share this post with them so they can receive their healing blessing from Jesus Christ.

Love in Christ,



Saw this posted on Joe’s site and had to share.  Great visual of how great God’s Mercy, Grace and Love is for us.  Don’t have a relationship with Christ?  He’s waiting and He loves you so much.  Come to Jesus and let Him make you a new person, fully redeemed and forgiven.

You!  You are His Passion!  He was crucified just for You!  He died to pay YOUR penalty for sin so that your debt would be paid-in-full in the eyes of the Almighty God!  He died so that you may have life, fully in Him and Him fully in YOU!  He overcame satan and the grave just for YOU!  He was resurrected just for YOU!  He loves YOU! 

You are His passion!  The Spirit of Christ says, “Come!”  Come to Jesus.  He has been waiting just for YOU!  YOU are His Passion!  Come!  Just come!  YOU are His Passion! 


Dear Patrick and Christy,

Hi, my name is Lediane Lopes.  The project has changed my behavior very much.  I don’t curse, don’t treat my mom badly, I don’t fight with my sister anymore, etc.  I like to come to the project because I like to paint, to play, to read and to eat.  Jesus has changed my life and I thank you, my sponsors, for this opportunity. 

Kisses and Amen, Lediane

After a long, tough week struggling to get over a sinus infection, and dealing with difficult persons, this letter received from our Gospel for Brazil Seed of Hope child instantly put everything back into its proper perspective.  Most things we spend time stressing over and allowing to irritate us are meaningless and trival, and we just need a gentle reminder of this.

We know Lediane.  We’ve spent time playing with her and loving on her while in Brazil.  We’ve seen her before Seed of Hope came into her life.  We’ve seen her after being a part of the Seed of Hope initiative.  She’s a beautiful little girl that now knows Jesus and what it’s like to know where her next meal will come from. 

There are many children in the northeast desert region of Brazil that now know Jesus and what it’s like to have full tummies because people are willing to step up and take serious our responsibility and obligation to spread the love and hope of Jesus with those most in need through the Seed of Hope initiative.  Please go to and sponsor a child today.  You will make a tremendous difference in a child’s life….you will share Jesus with them, feeding their spiritual hunger as well as their worldly hunger.  God will honor your sponsorship and will bless you for your selfless act.  Don’t think about it….just do it.  And then continue to do it, month after month.  There’s a beautiful little child like Lediane who is needing the followers of Christ to step up.  A small “sacrifice” that will pay huge spiritual dividends. 

Important question, right?  Anyone with a significant other or with children has asked themselves this question numerous times.  Many devote a large portion of their lives putting a plan in place to answer this question.  No one wants to die and leave their families burdened financially because they didn’t have life insurance to cover all the expenses of taking care of their deceased loved one, and the loss of their income.  It is an important question that needs to be asked, and then answered by the proper, proactive planning on the part of the person asking that question.

But how many ask themselves this question – “If I died today, where would I spend eternity?  Would I spend it with Christ in heaven or would I spend it in hell with satan?”  How many concern themselves with what type of spiritual life insurance they have?

Well, I’m no life insurance salesman but have a got a plan for you!  For a great quote on your spiritual life insurance plan,  read here:

Romans 3:22-26

Not sure if this plan is for you?  Then read here:

Romans 6:23

Still not sure?  Then read a little further:

Romans 5:8-11

Decisions right?  So what’s your spiritual life insurance plan going to be?  Read here and make the most important decision of your life:

Romans 10:8-10 and John 3:16-21

Jesus loves you!  He died just for you!  Just so you can know Him and have a relationship with Him!  He came to offer you His divine Mercy and Grace, and forgive you for your sins!  He came to offer you redemption and a new life in Christ Jesus! 

No one is guaranteed one more second of life!  Take this opportunity to  be covered under the most important life insurance policy you’ll ever need – Jesus Christ.

“Quench not the Spirit.”  1 Thessalonians 5:19

The more I  grow spiritually and the longer I go to church, the more I realize that the American Church is a master at quenching the Spirit.  We may not have good singing, good preaching and good teaching on display but our excellency in this area will be on full display. 

In truth, many churches and donominations straight-up tell the Spirit not to show up on Sundays or else they’ll beat Him with one of their doctrinal bricks, and then kick Him out the door for causing a ruckus.  In essence, they give Him a “Spiritually Disorderly Conduct Citation” issued by the in-house religious police.  We’ve been a part of a few of those churches, and we can tell you that they can be downright scary intense.  If I was the Spirit, I wouldn’t show up either.

However, we are now attending a Spirit-led church that welcomes the Spirit and how He choses to worship with us….to a point.  And this is what is causing my growing frustration.  We are seeking God and are growing in the Spirit more than we ever have but most of this growth is coming from our individual pursuit of the Kingdom of God, and the awesome Life Group and Savannah Brazil Team we get together with and study, praise, worship and study with, loving on each other and practicing our gifts.  Granted, we LOVE our church!  The pastors are godly, Spirit-filled men, our Praise and Worship is strong, the preaching is Bible-centered and scriptural, the atmosphere is open and free-flowing and our fellow members are good people.  But we’re stuck…..stuck doing church the same ol’ way.  We praise and worship, then we collect the offereing while someone sings or shares information with the congregation, our pastor preaches, we pray some, and then we disperse like the church is on fire. 

It’s a good time of fellowshipping, praising and learning but it could be so much more.  The past few Sunday’s the Spirit has been itching to let loose and flow in a mighty way, only to be quenched because we have to move onto the next agenda item.  Then we had a “special” Praise and Worship service last night, only to spend the majority of the time being taught through a sermon from a pastoral staff member what Praise and Worship is and how to do it.   Needless to say, I left frustrated and a little irritated.

I sense that many Christians are feeling the same way, and are tired of doing church as we’ve always done it.  People are getting hungry for the Manifest Presence of God to rain down on them, and the Kingdom of God to be upon them, flowing through raw praise, worship, healing and spiritual deliverance.  When the Spirit begins to move and flow, we have to let Him, however long it may take or in whatever way He choses to reveal Himself.

So…I’m frustrated.  But I’m also excited because I’m sensing that our leadership is also feeling the same way and is ready to get back to some good ‘ol, Book of Acts praising, worshipping, healing and delivering.  There’s an energy building, and the Kingdom of God is ready to explode in our church.   Hopefully, our leaders are just gently prepping us before all-Heaven breaks loose and this isn’t going to be the norm.