Sometimes it’s hard to walk in faith, and be obedient to God’s prompting, particularly when it comes to praying for others that you don’t really know in an environment that doesn’t lend itself to praying healing over someone.  I often fail to do what it is that God is prompting me to do.  It’s uncomfortable and awkward.  But God isn’t concerned about our comfort and image levels when it comes to getting the work of the Kingdom done. 

So it was that I found myself visiting with some ladies that I support at their residence.  When I arrived, the support staff invited me inside, and as I followed her into the living room area to visit, I noticed that she was limping severely.  I asked what she had done to her ankle and she told me that she had injured it on some steps leading into a home.  She told me it was really bruised, swollen and very difficult to move and walk on.  She hadn’t had a chance to go to the doctor yet though.

I conducted my visit, and before leaving asked if I could pray for her ankle.  I began praying healing over her ankle.  After a moment, I stopped and asked her how her ankle was feeling.  Her eyes lit up and told me that I would think she was crazy but that she felt as if electricity was going through her ankle.  I asked her to move it in a way that she couldn’t before and she began moving her toes, which she told me that she couldn’t do before.  I thanked Jesus for what He was doing for her ankle and then prayed again, this time commanding in the name of Jesus that the pain and inflammation/swelling leave her foot.  I stopped praying and asked again how her ankle was feeling.  Her eyes grew even bigger and told me that I was really going to think she was crazy now but that when I took my hands off of her, she felt “something just leave.”  She reiterated that she felt something leave her foot adding that her ankle was still tingling, now warm and feeling as if electricity was going through it. 

Knowing that the healing power of Christ had fallen on her, I prayed once again.  After finishing, she was moving her ankle, walking and putting pressure on it.  She was praising and thanking Jesus for the dramatic difference in her ankle.  I wanted to continue praying for her but she had to get back to caring for the residents in the home.  She hugged me excitedly, claiming her healing and thanked me for praying for her.

It was an awesome experience to see the power of the Holy Spirit in action.  I know that Jesus still heals today.  I’ve been personally touched twice but being used as a living instrument to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ himself to this hurting world is a humbling realization and confirmation that when Jesus said that we’d still heal in His name….He meant it!  Praise the Lord.  Thank you Jesus for being exactly who the Bible tells us you are – The Great Healer.

So, who have you prayed healing over this week?  Want to get in on the action?  Then just walk in a little faith and obedience and pray for someone needing healing this week.  No telling how God will move through a little faith and obedience from His followers.

  1. Joe says:

    You go dude!

    Nothing like stepping out onto the ledge overlooking the precipice, only to discover that you’re actually standing on something solid (thanks to the imagery of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).

    Hope you’re ready for the short-course graduate program coming up at the University of Ubaúna in June. I hear it’s gonna be a do humdinger!


    • patrickandchristy says:

      Thanks bro! Even if you “know that you know that you know”, it’s still an awesome experience and each time just causes your faith to rise even higher. I can’t wait for the graduate level program and ready to see how mightily God is going go move through us in Brazil. 18 days and counting……….Love ya.

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