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  1. dara says:

    I am just checking out places to get involved. I was born in Fortaleza, I was adopted as a baby to the United States and over the past several years have felt a tug on my heart to give back. I am currently a teacher but feel God pushing me to follow my passion and that is to help my people. I know some portuguese, not fluent, but am learning more. I am looking to get involved. I will be in Brasil again this July/August and was wondering if I could have more information to know about what you do. God has given me a legacy with the opportunities I have had in the states, but I have no doubt that he gave me those opportunities to eventually be back in Brasil to give back. I don’t know where he wants me specifically so I am checking out and praying that he will lead me where He sees best.

  2. patrickandchristy says:

    Dara, it is awesome to hear from you. Where in the states do you live currently?

    We have been involved with Gospel for Brazil since its inception in 2004. God is really doing a great work in reaching the lost souls of Brazil, specifically the Northeast desert region in the state of Ceara. We will be going back to Fortaleza and Ubauna in July so if you’re there, maybe you could meet up with us and see what Gospel for Brazil is all about.

    Christy and I are praying about adopting a child from Brazil so that’s a possibility for us. We think it’s great that you are feeling lead to give back to your native country. We love Brazil and it’s been in our souls since we first went in ’04. Christy can speak some Portuguese but I don’t, although it’s a goal.

    Joe Carr is the President of GFB and I will email you his contact information to get more info. on Gospel for Brazil. Although the site is undergoing some revamping, you can go to for more info. I will email soon with more. Take care.


  3. Etongwe says:

    Hi! Patrick
    may God bless you,I’m an Evangelist of Gospel Mission International in D.R.Congo,I will like to be in contact with you.Thanks

  4. Tammy Daeke says:

    Hey guys! Just looking through the web to find your address. Please email it to me! I love and miss you both. I hope to see you soon!

  5. Danilo says:

    Grace and Peace, my friend and brother in the Lord, I wonder if this will Tianguá in summer 2010, Joe is planning a big trip to northeastern Brazil, we await your presence

    • patrickandchristy says:

      Our dear Brazilian brother! Blessings, Grace and Peace to you as well. It is great to hear from you. YES!!!! We are traveling with Joe and Gospel for Brazil to your church and area in June. We are so excited about seeing how God is moving in your lives and through the churches, and spending some time fellowshipping with you guys. Looking forward to seeing everyone in June. We miss everyone and we will continue praying hard for you guys serving the Lord in Brazil. Tchau!!!

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