Prayer Requests

Special prayer requests that you would like us or others to pray for?  Let us know!

  1. patrickandchristy says:

    Prayer needed for “Drewsy”, Christy’s aunt. She was assaulted (not sexually) and abducted from a grocery store parking lot last Friday. They took all her money, credit cards, etc. but thankfully dropped her off behind the mall. She is very traumatized and is having difficulty with extreme fear.

    Pray for God’s protection and for Jesus to take authority over Satan and bind him so that he cannot control her mind and thoughts. Pray God will bless her with strength and peace within her soul. Pray for her spiritual healing. Pray God will take away her fearful spirit. Also pray that this will be the event that leads her to salvation if she has not truly accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.

  2. patrickandchristy says:

    Pray for Christy’s mother, Nancy. She is having an extremely difficult time at work and it is causing her to slip into a state of depression. Her eating and sleeping habits are affected.

    Pray that God will anoint her with His peace and clear wisdom and understanding of His promises to believers in times of chaos and turmoil in our lives. Pray that God will strengthen her faith and build new character within her so that she may grow more in Christ. Pray that she will seek Godly counsel and God’s Word for dealing with the storms of our lives. Pray that peace will be returned to her work so that Nancy can return quickly. Pray for Satan to be bound in the name of Jesus and he will not interfere with God’s plan for Nancy.

  3. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for TOTAL HEALING for Kevin Garrett, pro football player that was injured yesterday. The doctor stated that he suffered a “catastrophic” spinal cord injury and is likely paralyzed. He also stated that he is still at risk of death due to the injury.

    I am believing that God will shower His awesome mercy upon Kevin and Christ’s healing powers will be showcased for all to witness.

    We thank you Jesus for His total healing.

    Also pray for his family and that God will comfort them and give them peace in this storm.

  4. timelessintuition says:

    A dear friend of mines family just went through a…stressful and difficult divorce. I had believed that most of the pain, suffering, and damage that it had caused was in the past, but recently I have been proven wrong. I fear that more pain and suffering will soon be following, and will be affecting multiple new people and families. The possible chain reaction of destruction caused by the initial divorce has the potential to be catastrophic and has the potential to screw up the lives of several adults…but more importantly, and sadly, the lives of several children of those adults.

    I myself am blessed to have born into a very stable Christan family and have never faced anything like a divorce or had any experiences of my own that compare to this. I would like to ask for the prayers of any and everyone for not only these families and individuals that are being tormented by these cruel events; but also all people affected by similar cases of evil and destruction.

    It is heartbreaking to hear about all of the divorces in America and the world now…and even more painful to hear about all the lives that have been shattered by them. Please pray for all affected, and pray for those who unfortunately will go through similar disasters in their lives.

  5. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for Tracie, my brother’s girlfriend for her complete healing and quick recovery from the surgery she had today (9/18). I don’t know a lot of details but she was facing a partial hysterectomy because of concerns over cervical cancer. The doctor wasn’t sure of the severity, and she was potentially looking at a full hysterectomy.

    Christy and I prayed for her last night and lifted her up to the great Healer, our Savior Jesus Christ. We prayed for total healing and prayed that when the doctor examined her today during surgery that there would be no cancer and that NO hysterectomy would need to be done.

    We do know that she DID NOT need a hysterectomy (thank you Jesus) and that they think most of the cells are benign. There will be some shots and maybe another procedure to freeze some cells but we are claiming VICTORY!

    Pray for her continued recovery and total healing.

  6. Jenn says:

    Pls pray for healing upon dad’s right leg.Victim of hit and run which left his right leg crushed on February.Since then had 6 surgeries due to complications. Pray for God’s miracle healing intervention that his bone be strenghtened,grow and his fracture heal and that in ten days time, his doctor need not do any surgery nor install the Illizarov frame which we cant afford.Thank you

  7. patrickandchristy says:

    Jenn, I have lifted your father up to our great healer, Jesus Christ so that he be healed and there be no surgery or other frames/implants/rods needed. Have faith and know that Jesus heals and will heal your father. Thank you for that prayer request.

  8. saji abraham says:

    I am saji abraham,i suding at UTC bangloore here all is subject english .Languge is difficult to me ,so pray to me

  9. patrickandchristy says:

    Saji, we will pray that God will allow you to absord English like a sponge and begin to speak, read and write English easily.

  10. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for a family that goes to our church. Over the weekend, the father was backing out of his drive and his little 18 month old daughter ran behind the car and was killed. Only God knows how devastating this loss is for her father and entire family.

    Please pray that God will envelope this family and the father in His loving, merciful and grace-filled arms and comfort them. Pray that God will begin to heal this father’s spirit and that He will give him the strength to go forward and to be strong in this extremely difficult situation. Pray that God will carry them in this time and that Mom will be given strength to care for their 3-month old baby. Also pray that their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs will be met, and their faith will be strengthened through this to know that their loving Savior will never leave them, never forsake them.

  11. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for Christy’s uncle “Normy”. He is having a Stress Test today to determine if the extremely low blood pressure and loss of energy is heart related. Please pray that God will illuminate and reveal to the doctors whatever the issue is and that they will know the correct manner in which to “heal” him. Pray that God will be glorified throughout and within this process and that Normy will have a open soul and spirit so that God can convict him of his sin and need for repentance.

  12. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for a beautiful little girl I met last night. I met her through my work and I must maintain confidentiality so I will call her “Miracle”.

    Miracle had a brain tumor when she was 2 y.o. and it has returned. She is four years old. She is so beautiful, with little girl pigtails and cute little glasses. She recently had surgery and is now back home recovering. During the surgery, they had to go through her Cerebellum, which controls fine motor functioning, to get to the tumor and she is having some speech difficulty, some slight paralysis on left side and having balance issues. Doctors state they are already improving and should soon get back to normal with therapy. They feel confident that they have gotten most or all of the tumor but she is facing one to one and half years of Chemo.

    Let’s lift little “Miracle” up the our great Healer, Jesus Christ and pray for her TOTAL and COMPLETE healing. Pray that God will restore her to normal brain and body functioning and that she will not need Chemo. I am praying that Jesus will touch her and remove all trace of cancer from her body and that she will NEVER have to face this cancer again. Pray also for the family, Dad, stepmom, and siblings that God will give them strength and peace during this and that He will show His awesome Mercy and Grace on them.

    She has been released to go back to school but are not sure if she will return and with what schedule. Pray that she will be cleared to return and she will have the strength and ability to go back full-time so she can be with her friends at school and get back to a normal childhood.

  13. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for my pastor and his family at this time. Their daughter’s and son-in-law’s little boy passed away last weekend from a long battle with numerous medical issues. When he was a year old there was an accident involving him at the day care (private) and he was left extremely affected physically and cognitively.

    This is a tremendous loss for this family not only because he was so young but because this is their second child they’ve lost. Pray that God will love them and hug them, surrounding them with His awesome Mercy and Grace so that they can deal with this loss. Pray for God’s strength and peace to dwell within them.

    Pray also for the pastor’s wife because she also just lost her mother a couple of weeks ago.

    I would also like you to pray for the person that was caring for the little boy when the accident occurred. From what I understand it wasn’t due to intentional neglect or abuse and I know she has been devastated by the accident as well. Pray that God will heal her spirit of any lingering guilt or unforgiveness (of herself), and He will also hug her and give her strength and peace at this time. Pray that she will give this burden up to our Lord so that He may carry it and she may receive total spiritual healing.


    life i guess is full of little and sometimes big test is how i look at things.well, let me tell you i have been through my share, and am once again, mostly financially.being on the verge of loosing everything Tracie and myself have worked for is more than just stressful.i thank GOD every day for what i have and look around and see just how good we do have it now.the lifestyle i chose to live in the past landed me in very unpleasant situations, but then i got what i deserved. i don’t live as i should now but alot better than the past.i try daily to help my fellow man and other things also,i trust in GOD and know that HE knows what is best for me and also Tracie.but there is always that “but” and the “why”. i don’t want things handed to me on a silver platter, and i guess this is maybe me venting, and again with the “but”, i only want a break.not special treatment, but some help and a small pat on the back for finally living right or somewhat anyway.i don’t ask for riches from GOD, because thats not what i want, but just a little help in keeping the things herself and i have worked so hard for.i could go on and on but i think i have rambled too much already. what i should have just said was “pray for us” anyway.. please do, we need all we can get. thank you in advance.

  15. patrickandchristy says:

    Jim, you don’t have to “thank” me for praying for you guys. I often pray for you guys. We will pray that God will open doors for Tracie, and she will be placed into a prosperous situation that will ease some financial concerns. We’ll also pray that God will work in your lives so that you can begin to fulfill the Will that He has planned for you guys. Everything that God sends, or allows, into our lives has a specific purpose, and is meant to redirect our hearts and eyes back on Him. We will pray that God will give you guys strength to face this storm and for rest in Him when you may need a short, quiet respite. We love you guys and we’re here if you need us.

  16. Amy says:

    Please pray for my grandfather, Jimmy. He suffered a massive heart attack last night. He is in the ICU now on a ventilator, and we don’t yet know what his prognosis is.

    He was in a physical rehab center recovering from a broken hip when it happened. Because he was there when it happened, he was able to receive immediate help. Otherwise, he probably would not have lived. We are very grateful for God’s protection over him last night.

  17. Lori says:

    Please pray for me and my son. He and I suffer from severe dust mite allergies and it makes me feel bad and he as well I am sure (he is 3 so he is just a ball of fire) I have suffered for many years now and just started to get treatment here recently, however, I am a believer and I believe that God has brought me to this website for a reason, I believe that God can and will heal me in his time, just hope it is sooner than later! But still in his time, but just please pray for me, for my faith and my belief that God will heal me, some days when it gets really bad I don’t think I can go another day feeling this bad. I am trying to deal with it and am getting treatment but I believe that God has a greater plan, and that is to bring him Glory! Thanks you all so much and God bless you all! Prayers really do make a difference and I will be sure to send a testimony when I recieve my healing!

  18. Lori says:

    The allergies cause me to get brain fog and it makes it hard to concentrate and think and take care of my little ones and it also causes me to get upset over little things (just irritated) So please pray for those issues as well! Thanks you all so very much!
    God Bless YOu

  19. Jimmy, Tracie, Brooke says:

    Thank you for all of your prayers. GOD has sent us a blessing. I have found a GREAT job. He has opened a wonderful door for me. GOD has a plan for us. We will in time see exactly what it is. Thanks again for all your prayers.

  20. patrickandchristy says:


    I lift you and your son up to our awesome and powerful Lord Jesus that He, the Great Healer will pour out His Healing Spirit upon you so that you will know complete healing and total release from the bondage of your dust mite allergies.

    Thank you for visiting and continue to walk in faith, knowing that Christ will heal you both because of your faith. Christ loves us and wants to heal us. Know that and expect that!!!

    I look forward to reading about your healing.

  21. patrickandchristy says:

    I’m so happy for you Tracie! I know how stressful it is being without work and needing it. God is truly awesome and for Him, it is all so simple and easy. We just have to seek Him and trust that He is working in each and every situation. I will call you guys so you can give me all the details. We love you guys.

  22. Amy says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for praying for my grandfather. He is okay, and is out of the hospital and back in the physical rehab center. The paramedics who revived him after his heart attack visited him today and told him it is nothing short of a miracle that he is alive. Thanks be to God!

  23. patrickandchristy says:

    Thank you Amy for the update. Great to hear that God touched your grandfather and he is doing better.

  24. umesh says:

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

    Please pray that I received the NZ work permit as soon as possible as I want to share testimony

    God bless

  25. Matt says:

    Can you please keep alive and continue to pray for all my Journals and other prayers i,ve made before Mighty God Amen !

  26. patrickandchristy says:

    Umesh and Matt, we will pray for you and ask all that read our blog to lift you two up in prayer that God’s Will will be done in your lives and each and every request will be answered and addressed by God in His appropriate way. Thank you for your requests.

  27. Matt says:

    Blessings, can you pray and keep alive in your prayers all my Prayer Journals and other prayers i,ve made before Mighty God in all areas as well as all their contents in Jesus Christ that Amazing things will take place and be bought to past in Jesus Christ Name Amen!

  28. Matt says:

    Many blessings also can you keep me alive in you prayers and continue to pray that Mighy God will pull me out of the finanical situations, that i,ve got myself into, and turn these things around for me, and that the Lord will pour blessing out on me, Financially In Jesus Christ Name!

  29. Matt says:

    Lord i place every person who has summited prayer on this site and Father I ask that you,ll speak life into each person and their request in Jesus Christ Name Amen!

  30. patrickandchristy says:

    Thank you Matt!

    “Father, I lift Matt up to you at this time. Father, you know his life, his needs, his weaknesses and his strengths. You know there are specific concerns and needs he has at this time and that he is struggling financially. Father, you worked mightily in our lives so that you were glorified, and we were released from our financial bondage. You taught us hard lessons and you cleansed our lives of things that were not pleasing to you and that were hindering us from being good stewards of all that you had given us. You blessed us so that we in turn have been able to be used by you to bless others. Father, I pray that you will work mightily also in Matt’s life so that he will become an instrument to be used by you to glorify you and be a light unto this world. Bless him with strength, contentment in all that you have given him, knowledge and wisdom. Bless him with a tremendous financial blessing that will free him from his financial bondage. We pray that this will be all in your timing. Give Matt a yearning for your Word and Your Son, Jesus Christ. Build him up so that he may become a mighty warrior for you. Use him as a living testimony. Thank you Father. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  31. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for my good friend, Everaldo Rego and his family. Dr. Rego is the pastor at the Brazilian Church in Savannah and is being faced with many difficult decisions and circumstances. Pray that God will illuminate His Will for the Rego family concerning a potential move to Savannah. Pray that God will open many doors here in Savannah where there is now closed doors in ATL. Pray that God will provide financially during their time of need and He will bless them financially. Pray that God will strenghten them and fill them will peace and contentment in their new journey and God will provide for their naturalization needs at this time. Pray for protection for him and his family in their traveling. Also pray that God will show him his visions for the new Brazilian Church in Savannah and that Jesus will work mightily in this church to grow it so it becomes a warrior church for God in fulfilling the Great Commission, and showing Mercy to a world in desparate need of God’s Mercy.

  32. johnny says:

    Please pray for my ex-wife Pam she divorced me in august.After the divorce she quit going to church and started going to bars and drinking.Please pray that God will put a conviction on her and call her back to him and get her back in his will and his word and that if it is his will he will bring us back together.

  33. patrickandchristy says:

    Johnny, what an awesome prayer request. Very selfless.

    “Father, we lift Pam up to you, asking that your Holy Spirit will guide her and protect her and convict her soul, her spirit of her disobedience. Show Mercy and Grace upon her and allow her to see that your forgiveness is but a seeking plea away for Pam. Father, bind satan in the name of Jesus Christ and keep Pam from evil so she may see only You. And Father, let your Will be done regarding Johnny and Pam’s relationship. We put it all in your hands Father. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.”

  34. Jeanette says:

    Please pray that God will heal me whole and complete. I have Polycystic Kidney Disease, and Polycystic Liver Disease, and have been diagnosed with it since 2006. I have been taking so many different types of blood pressure medicine, which work for a while and then they stop working. I no longer eat meat or salt because of the dangers of the cysts and the kidneys having a hard time filtering the protein.

    I believe that God can heal and still does. I would love for him to heal me. He does so many things for me already. I love him dearly. He is truly my everything.

  35. Matt says:

    Blessings can you please offer up in prayer My Turdor 4 Prayer Journal and all its Contents IN Jesus Christ Name Amen! Thanks

  36. gevone dixon says:

    need a financial blessing

  37. patrickandchristy says:

    Urgent Prayer Request from Audrey, our pastor in Ubauna (in his words):

    In the last few days we were in the house of one of the members of the church and discovered something extremely sad and revolting. This sister has 3 children, each one by a different man, a girl 8, a boy 4 and another boy 1. The oldest, always the happiest and most loving, was very taken with Erin and would hardly leave her lap while she was here in July.

    A few days ago, the current husband kicked the mother and the 3 children out of the house at 2:00 a.m. They managed to find a place to stay but it is hardly fit for living and has no lights or water.

    During the visit we made, the mother told us about the drama and trauma of her 8 year old. Four and a half years ago, the mother started living with a monster, the father of her second child. He drugged her so he could rape the little girl. The act was so brutal that the bellybutton of the child exploded and the doctors had to perform emergency surgery and also had to construct a new anus. The little girl almost went crazy and was catatonic for months.

    The courts in Coreaú (which governs Ubaúna) are considered among the worst in the state. This is the only legally registered case of rape ever reported in town and until today it still hasn’t been tried. It was to go to trial at the end of the month, but the judge “hurt himself” and delayed the trial indefinitely. It has been almost 5 years and there has been no justice.

    I am asking that my brethren in the U.S. intercede for this little girl before God, asking for justice and that this monster will go to prison. As of today, he walks around Ubaúna freely.


    Please pray for this family and these children, especially this little girl that has suffered so much. Pray that God will heal her completely, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    Pray that justice will be done but pray that this man will come to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. We all can be forgiven and we all can be followers of Christ. Pray that whatever evil or spirit may be attached or inside this man will leave in the name of Jesus Christ and his spirit will be open to God’s conviction. Pray God will send someone or use someone, maybe Audrey or Andreia to point him to Christ.

  38. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for my friend and coworker, Bonnie and her son, Waco. Waco is a Marine and Iraqi veteran that has a mysterious illness that is ravaging his body. Bonnie received a call today that he had taken critically ill and the doctors are giving him slim odds of recovering. Bonnie told me that he got sick, along with several of his platoon soldiers while in Iraqi and he had been experiencing “weird” things physically such as body and skin tumors since.

    Please lift him up in your prayers, interceding on Waco’s behalf to our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Jesus is the Great Healer, the Great Physician and we are praying that Jesus will touch Waco and heal him and restore him. Pray that this mystery illness will be shown and illuminated. Pray that Waco will experience the Healing Miracle of Christ and he will be used as a great testimony to the power of Christ. Also, pray that satan, if he is playing any role in this, will be rebuked in the name of Jesus and any demons or dominions causing him to be sick will be cast out in the name of Jesus.

    Pray for Bonnie that God will provide all needed resources and provisions to get her to Waco tonight so she can be with her son. Pray that she will be comforted at this time.

    Join me in praying for a healing miracle in this young man’s life. As Christians, lets take the power and authority that Christ has given to us to intercede for Waco and to pray healing in his life.

    In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

  39. william says:

    please help me lord. restore my marriage to lisa according to your divine will. allow us to find the love together for one another. bring us closer to each other in unity as you designed. lord do a mighty work in lisa’s heart that she will see me with the love she once had for me . she will accept the love from me . she will have a desire to return home and see that our marriage is worth saving.
    lord give me your strength to endure this trial . give me your peace and understanding to know what to do. allow me to move when only you want me to . stand fast in you when your taking care of it. lord bind my words if they wont help. but use my mouth to speak as you would have do so. lord I hold true to your word. lord break lisa’s heart of stone and make it flesh. she will look only to you and your word for guidance. lord move us out of the valley today and upwards to the high place that you are preparing for us . lord make me the husband you want me to be ,make lisa the wife you want her to be and make us a family with you at the head. lord I need your help and i trust your will. i surrender this whole situation to your divine will, it can only be done be you and your guidance I love you lord . I thank you lord for all you have given me seen and unseen . thank you for all you are preparing for me . in jesus holy name I pray, amen

    thank you and god bless you

    lord i pray that you keep the enemy from lisa, lord work in her heart
    tonight . allow her to feel the anointing and accept you totally in her
    life . change her heart o lord. take ungodly council from her. let her
    recognize evil in her life and turn from it. lord mold her to be a godly
    women and wife. in pray this in jesus mighty name ,amen amen and amen

  40. diana says:

    oh god please help me in getting good job within this month end….have a mercy look over this sinner who is pleading and asking you to bless with me good job soon.

    Father, I lift Diana up to you that you would bless her with a wonderful opportunity that will fulfill her and ignite passions within her that will glorify you and point people to Christ. Touch her with your merciful and grace-filled hand that all her financial needs would be met. We thank you in advance for the awesome blessing that you will give to Diana. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!

  41. Lenora says:

    PRAYER NEEDED FOR a little girl named Grace! She just had more surgery, and she is in recovery. she was born without her gastroenterology organs…but so far, GOD HAS BLESSED US and Grace (the name her parents gave her) has come through with flying colors. We ask for God’s continued blessing, and we also PRAISE GOD and LOVE GOD, and truly HONOR and WORSHIP GOD whom sent his son to die for us! THANK YOU GOD for this opportunity to offer up Grace’s name in prayer…

    Father, I come before you in humble intercession for Miss Grace that the healing power and authority of your Son, Jesus Christ would be poured out onto Grace that she would be completely restored and know the healing mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Father, release her in the name of Jesus of this affliction. Jesus, work a great miracle in this little girl’s life so that she can used as a mighty testimony to your Mercy and Grace. Use this little girl as an instrument of salvation, to be used by you, Lord to reach the lost souls of this earth. Father, surround Grace and her family with your Holy Spirit so that no evil, no harm, no infection or sickness can touch her. Father, in the name of Jesus, I command your mighty angels to surround little Grace and be her protectors.

    And Father, we want to thank you for the blessings and healing that you have already given to Miss Grace and I pray that you would comfort and give strength to her parents, family and friends as they walk through this storm. Hug them and reveal yourself to them. Father, also touch the doctor’s and staff that are caring for her and give them steady hands and wise minds to know how to care for and treat Miss Grace. Father, you are good, you are merciful, you are full of grace, hope and love and we thank you for the Miss Grace’s healing. Through the healing blood of Christ and our faith in your healing authority, we thank you in advance for Grace’s healing and restoration. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray… Amen!

  42. patrickandchristy says:

    Please pray for my beautiful wife, Christy. She will be having arthroscopic surgery on both knees tomorrow (Weds., 10/15). She’s had problems with her knees for several years and they’re going to scope them, take some tissue for testing and correct any issues while at it. Pray that God will protect her during surgery and bring her safely through the surgery. Pray that God will illuminate what is going on so that the doctors can treat whatever is causing the issues. Pray that the doctor will have steady hands and there will be no complications. Pray that she will experience the healing grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ and she will have no more issues after this. We’re praying for complete healing and restoration of her knees. Pray she will experience a quick recovery. Thank you for your prayers.

  43. fredericka says:

    Please pray for me and my husband. Our names are Fredericka and Jerome McCalla.. We have been trying to conceive a child for the past 6-7 years and nothing. Doctors say we will be unable to do it on our own. We need a miracle. We pray that we have a baby for next year withing the 12 months from august to august but were seeing what GOD has in store for us by faith.

    It’s been real hard and depressing im sad and weary I need help. I need god to save us so please pray for us that we get deliverance soon. and for our families and financial stability.

  44. ifeanyi says:


  45. Katarina says:

    Please, fervently pray:

    That TODAY OR TOMORROW NEBOJSA makes new steps toward me (call, approach, apologize) and that WE COMPLETE RECONCILE

    That God keep us in His care and help us to work out all problems

    For God’s protection of our love and future

    That God keep evil influences and envy and jealous opinions and people away from our relationship, that all negative TEMPTATIONS, STUBBORNESS, UNFORGIVENNES AND BITTERNESS be lifted away

    Thank you very much.





  46. Katarina says:

    Please, fervently pray:

    That TODAY OR TOMORROW NEBOJSA makes new steps toward me (call, approach, apologize) and that WE COMPLETE RECONCILE AND SPEND CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR EVE TOGETHER!


    That God keep us in His care and help us to work out all problems

    For God’s protection of our love and future

    That God keep evil influences and envy and jealous opinions and people away from our relationship!


    Thank you very much.





  47. Liya says:

    I pray for all my loved ones to come to know Christ, receive Jesus and salvation personally, by the true way to salvation being opened up to them, that they open their hearts and spiritual eyes and ears and receive Jesus in!

    Pray for my emotional healing and spiritual protection against fearfulness caused by accidentally seeing something bad on TV twice within the last a few months. I cried to God because I felt so afraid and it’s been unfair. Now as God’s daughter I take authority over harmful spirits and spirits of fear, that I ask God to wash and detoxify and empty my mind, and replace everything in it, and fill it with the Spirit of Christ, Holy Spirit of God of love, of power and of peace.

    I pray for all my loved ones and my protection spiritually by God’s grace that God shows them the true way of salvation that they all walk in it and get saved. I pray God be with all our present and future forevermore, and replace all bad memories with the Spirit of God alone, that our souls are saved and lives are changed.

    I also pray for my future husband — this new love from God. For him to be saved and protected daily and always.

    In Jesus’ saving and purifying Blood, healing stripes, I praise God for the completed work of the cross that all my loved ones will put their faith in, and in Jesus’ most beautiful Name that is our protective umbrella, I pray with faith, amen!!

  48. jimmy,tracie says:

    please,anyone who reads this i ask for your prayers,things are hard for us right now and we continue to struggle through it,and i know only with Gods helping hand.But still we need all the prayer and support we can get.i will not go into all the things we struggle with because for some they may seem small,all i ask is for a simple prayer from whomever may read this,i’m sure it will be worth its weight in gold.thank you in advance, for i know we will be and already are so very blessed,but i guess we all need a little extra sometimes.thanks again.

  49. Tracie says:

    Please pray for Sheralyn Carrington. She is a great lady I work with. Yesterday in the office she passed out at her desk. There is a problem with her heart. Not sure yet if it was a heart attack. She coded in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and had to be revived. Thank GOD they were able to bring her back. She is in critical condition and still unconscious. That is all I know right now. Please pray for her and her family.

  50. patrickandchristy says:

    Tracie, I lifted Sheralyn up in prayer and will keep her in my prayers. Keep us posted.

  51. Tracie says:

    I have another prayer request. Leah is the 3 year old daughter of Barry Porterfield, that I worked with at Revlon. On march 1, Leah, her brothers and mother were in a car accident. Evey one was ok except little Leah. She has brian damage and 2 broken vertebras in her neck. She is paralyzed from her neck down. Please lift Leah and her family up in your prayers. That GOD may heal her and help her family through this crisis.
    This is a link to her care page.

  52. Jude says:

    Please pray for me. God is giving me a big vision to spread His Gospel by way of my poetry. And by spread I mean to parts of the world like Philippines and Africa.

    I also have a desire to write a 40 day devotion/poetry book. But that is coming in the works but it sjust so lazy… so that’s a battle.

    I just hope I don’t get a big head with this. May the Lord increase and I decrease.

    Anyways, thank you very much and I will pray for you as well.

    • patrickandchristy says:

      Hey Jude. Thanks for visiting and please do pray for us. We always need prayer. Sounds like God is really speaking to you about how to use your gifts to glorify Him and build His kingdom. My prayer for you:

      “Lord, I lift Jude up to you today praying that you will continue to lead him, guide him and give his spirit direction on how he can reach lost souls, build your kingdom, and empower your followers with his selfless servanthood, and the words that you placed on his heart. Fill him so completely with words that he can do nothing to contain them and keep them from being shared with this world. Bless him with spiritual blessings and open doors for him to write and share his works with this world, and keep his heart humble and focused on you Lord. However, I pray that when he may start to see himself instead of you, that you would gently correct him and show your wonderful grace on him. God, give him a spirit of discipline and bind, in Jesus’ name, the spirit of procrastination and laziness that is keeping him from fulfilling your will for his life. Love him, comfort him, hug him and give him a spirit joy that is found only in you. I pray that a hedge of protection would be placed around him and that your Holy angels will surround him and protect him as he steps out in faith to do your work. Thank you for our brother Jude (Zamir), praying this in the name of our Holy and precious Savior, Jesus Christ.”

      I’ll check out your writings and can’t wait for the devotion. God Bless You Jude.

      P.S. Please pray that I will also stop being “lazy” and get busy doing what God has laid on my heart to do, one of which is writing as well.

  53. RINJU JEENU says:

    Dear sir requesting for prayer.I am living in kuwait with my family since one year i don’t have a job we are too bad situvation for finance please pray for me to get a job with god grace we all ways remember mishneries in our fasting prayers. and my dad in abudhabi have some problem for his job after three months maybe the contact will finish after that we will come in financially trouble please pray for my dady. we are waiting for a replay from god i belve i sure i will get a job with god’s grace and my dady also will get a good miracle from god’s grace remembaring all community in our prayer.

  54. C says:

    I need someone to pray for me regarding an idea that is troubling me greatly. I need God to reveal what it is, and why it is coming to me.

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