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“You’re the God of this City {Ubauna}, You’re the King of these people, You’re the The Lord of this Nation {Brazil}, You Are

You’re the Light in this Darkness, You’re the Hope to the hopeless, You’re the Peace to the restless, You Are

There is no one like our God, there is no like our God

Greater things are yet to come, Greater things are yet to be done in this city.” 

Chris Tomlin – God of This City

Five years ago, our crazy Jesus Caravan made it’s first journey into the Heart of Darkness to the small, spiritually oppressed desert village of Ubauna.  We were like a band of gypsies drawn by a force within us that was greater than our doubt and resistence could overcome; to an area that we never would have comtemplated visiting for any reason, much less to bring hope and reconciliation to a lost and oppressed people.

Some of us recognized the force pulling us into the Heart of Darkness, some of us didn’t.  We just knew that was where we needed to be during that particular moment in time.  We weren’t really sure what to do, what to say or where we needed to be but people were still touched and redeemed by our message of mercy, grace and hope in Jesus Christ.   For most, it was the first time that they had ever heard the truth of Jesus.

For the generations that had come before, Christ was just a figment of their imaginations, a glorified foot-washer to the Virgin Mary or a stranger that had passed by on his way to someplace else.  Satan and his roadies ruled this area, blinding the people to the real faith, hope and love of the true God.

If not for a woman hungry for the truth of Jesus crying out to God in the middle of the desert, “to send someone, anyone that can bring us the real Jesus and teach us His Ways,”  the area may still be engulfed in darkness.  But God is God and He heard and placed a spiritual telephone call to Joe Carr’s spirit, placing a burden on his heart for the people of  Ubauna.  So off we went, a true vagabond of spiritual young’ens to do just that – tell them and SHOW them the true Jesus.

We met them where they were and we walked with them for a couple weeks.  We hugged them, we held hands with them and we told them that the one, true Lord wanted desperately to know them and live among them.  That He wanted to give them a love, a hope and a faith that was real and would forever change them and their village. 

We told them and many believed it…until we left, leaving behind no one that could remind them on a daily basis who they now were in Christ.  We had no missionary or pastor to lead God’s new little flock.  It didn’t take long before many stopped believing and walked back into the fold of Macumba Spiritism and Catholic Mysticism.  If God was their God and the God of Ubauna, then why had He left.

However, God doesn’t start something that He doesn’t see to completion, whenever that may come.  So in 2007, he sent Audrey and Andreia Feitoza to Ubauna as Gospel for Brazil’s first full-time missionaries, and the spiritual marathon began in earnest.  Now, just two years later,  Ubauna now knows the real love, hope and grace of Jesus Christ.  They have seen Jesus walk among them and they believe.  Children and families are being fed and nourished and not left to die alone and without hope.  Disciples are being grown and raised up to continue telling this region about the real Jesus.

Although there is still some darkness lingering, refusing to go quietly, Ubauna has been brought into the Light of Jesus Christ and satan has been reminded, once again, that he is a defeated foe at the mercy of the authority and power of Jesus.  What once was a village that had 13 Macumba temples is now a village that has only one.  Soon, that will be put to death.  What once was a village that had 100+ people turn out for its annual Macumba/Spiritist Festival has been reduced to just 13 participants this past year.  The “community organizer” was so livid at Jesus because He had stolen her congregants, she ran through the streets cursing Jesus like a demon-crazed lunatic.  Man, wish I could have witnessed that. 

As for the Catholic Mysticism church, God will deal with that shortly, and not kindly.

When I think of where this started and where God has brought Gospel for Brazil, I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy.  We have three GFB churches in the fold now and will be adding more within the next year, including more missionaries to the crew of several we already have.

Now, when we leave after spending two weeks among our brothers and sisters in Christ and the people of Brazil, they don’t forget.  They don’t forget that God is truly the God of Ubauna, and the God of Brazil, even if many in the nation don’t realize it or have forgotten…but that will change, that too will change.  Just ask the people of Ubauna.



“Sometimes at night, I see their faces

I feel the traces they’ve left on my soul

And those are the memories

That make me a wealthy soul

Yea, those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul”

Bob Seger, Travelin Man




Saudade – Longing, nostalgia.  A yearning. To miss or long for.

Saudade is an expression that Brazilians use to express a state of deep spiritual and emotional yearning for or longing.  It transcends the superficiality that often accompanies our statement of “I miss you.”  It’s a missing of something, or someone so much that you experience a sense of grief for that person or place that you just left.

This is the state that we find ourselves in since returning from Brazil two days ago.  Although we are physically in Savannah, our hearts, souls and spirits are still in Brazil with our Brazilian brothers and sisters in Christ, and all the families and children we have been honored to spend time with over the two weeks we were away.   Each person, especially the children, has touched us deeply, and left traces of themselves on our souls.  The people are so full of life and love that it’s humbling to experience.  In turn, we have come home with a little less of our hearts and souls because pieces of them were left behind to forever live among the people of Brazil. 

Since we first trekked several thousand miles south in 2004, God has grown a passion and love in us for the country and people of Brazil.  Each trip, more and more of ourselves are left behind and we become a little more Brazilian.  It’s a passion and love that doesn’t make sense from the world’s perspective but not many things of God do.  We don’t try to understand or figure it out, we just embrace this passion, this love for Brazil that He has given to us.  Not only have we embraced it but it has become a driving force and influence in our lives.  There’s not many days that go by that we don’t think of Brazil, its people and how Gospel for Brazil is making a true, real difference in the northeastern desert region of this country through the light of Jesus Christ.  Lives are being saved, hope is springing forth and spiritual strongholds are being destroyed.  People are knowing geniune love, mercy and grace for the first time in their lives, and it’s inspiring a new generation of disciples for Christ.  It’s awe-inspiring and at times too much to comprehend.

Although we are filled with a yearning and longing tinged with grief for Brazil tonight, we are so filled with a contentment and peace in knowing that for two weeks we were honored and priviledged to have spent time with an awesome group of Jesus Freaks that journeyed far from home to do God’s work, and the people of Brazil.  Lives were changed on both sides of the mission, and the Holy Spirit worked in us and through us in a mightly way that has changed us and brought us into a deeper understanding of God’s awesome Power and Authority.  He loves us so much and is so anxious to give us all of Himself.  That’s why He sends us to Brazil each summer, so that we can know Him and His ways more but most importantly, so we can bring this love that is found only through His Son, Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting of Brazil. 

Tonight, as we get ready to start our crazy lives again here in the States, we sit with heavy hearts, wishing that we had had just a little more time with our brothers and sisters in Christ, our families and our children in Brazil.  So, to the Jesus Caravan that we were honored to be a part of for two weeks and to the country and people of Brazil, we say…

 “Obrigado, Nos amamos voces e voces estarao sempre em nos os  corações.”  

Patrick and Christy

Bom Dia!  Well, we`ve been in Brazil since early Monday, and it´s already been a spiritually charged trip.  After many delays on Sunday, we all made it to the plane that would send us south (questionable at one time), and spent the next eight and a half hours cramped, uncomfortable and sleepless.  But after three previous trips, we knew what to expect.

We finally arrived in Fortaleza at 7:35 am Monday morning, and we`ve been running since.  Although we had had roughly 15-45 mins of sleep, we went rocking over to the Davis Lar Orphanage for some Holy Spirit-led fun with Wade, Michelle, Alie, Brie and the kids.  Wow!  What a great time of fellowship.  We had two of the children pray over and for us for our trip and then we were able to pray for them.  We then went over to their new property and prayed over it.  We returned to the hotel for a good dinner, a coconut and some desperately needed rest.

Yesterday was spent learning the songs to sing and worshipping with some of our Brazilian brothers and sisters.  This is always a highlight of our trip when we get to fellowship with them.  They bring an intensity and passion to worship that is refreshing and not often seen in America. 

Oh, and we also had an afternoon cleansing unclean spirits from us and some speaking in tongues….well, at least for me.  What an awesome breakthrough I experienced and I feel so blessed to be finally stepping into the heavenlies.  I sense it is just the beginning to God unleashing the warrior inside that can walk into the darkness and rip souls from satan`s grasps.  Awesome!

Anyway, my time on the computer is running short and we`ll be heading to Ubauna shortly….if our buses get here.  LOL.  Like Forrest said, `Life in Brazil is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you`re gonna get.` 

Please keep praying for us and for the people of Brazil.  I hope to post at least once more but please check out Joe`s site daily (link on my page.)



We fly out for Brazil in just a few short hours.  Yesterday while preparing, I had some quiet time with God.  He asked me some tough questions that I sense He will expect some answers to while I’m in Brazil…

Are you willing to go where I ask?  Am I enough for you?  Are you willing to go into the darkness where my hurting are, where my lost are, where my children have wandered far from me?  Are you willing to lay down yourself so that I may be glorified, so they can see me and know me?  The world crushes their spirits and blinds them to my love, my healing and my forgiveness.  Are you willing to be my foot soldier, engaging the enemy no matter the cost?  Will you stand for me and say “Enough” to the schemes of satan that are bringing this country out of my favor?  Following me will bring you into the heavenly realms where I dwell and you will know My ways, you will see my angels and my supernatural anointing will cover you but you will also know struggles because where I ask you to go will be nothing but places of sorrow, addiction, abuse, hopelessness, doubt, sin, evil, depression and mental illness.  For in these places I will ask you to go because how can they know me unless you are willing to walk into the darkness and show them the Light of My Son?  So….are you ready to continue this conversation in Brazil?  I have things I want to give you and show you but are you ready?   Do you even want them?  Go….and let’s find out.

Please be praying for us and the people of Brazil so that they will hear and see the mercy, grace, hope and love of Christ.  Tchau!

We are in our final week of preparation for our upcoming trip to Brazil, and there’s a lot to do.  Work is crazy and stressful, and we’re being bogged down with so much non-sense that we can’t do what we need to be doing to actually ensure the children we serve are safe.  It’s so focused on the administration and paperwork aspect of our jobs that it’s almost funny….almost!  Now, throw in a little irritation from satan and his croonies and you can find yourself getting a bit touchy.

But having been on three previous trips, I know this is the norm.  Satan knows what’s about to happen, and he’s not happy about it because Jesus, once again, is going to prevail.  So, he does what he does best, annoy the mess out of you so you find yourself spitting and sputtering, stressing and completely losing your focus on God. 

One little example of satan just throwing rocks and wrenches at you happened to me this morning.  After being told that I either had to be caught up on my documentation or I couldn’t go (yea, right….like that would stop me), I had to go visit one of my most difficult families.  Truthfully, I love their children but would be happy if I never had to deal with them again.

Anyway, I get to the house and sit down on their brand new, nice, light green suede couch and began the interview.  All was going fairly well until I somehow managed to put a nice blue ink mark on their brand new, nice, light green suede cushion.  I can imagine that satan and his boys were laughing their butts off when this happened.  I wanted to just walk out and come home and get back in bed.  But I didn’t.  I finished the interview, and against a strong urging to just leave without telling them, I showed them the spot and ate a little pride cake.  They were actually cool about it but I could still sense the father wasn’t too happy about it.  Oh well.  I assured them that I would “take care of it.”  Now I’m stuck with a small expense to have someone clean the cushion.

I thanked them and left and couldn’t help but laugh at the situation once back into the car.  Satan only has as much power as I give him so I rebuked him and released it into God’s hands.  I’ll let Him carry it for a minute. 

I could go on and on about these “little” irritations but I’ll just focus on God and the awesome, Spirit-filled adventure the Gospel for Brazil Jesus Caravan is getting ready to embark on.  T-Minus 6 days and counting.

Gospel for Brazil Mission Team:  L-R:  Travis, Paul, Hannah, Arimar, Joe, Patrick, Christy, Bonnie.  Not pictured:  Garry, Barbara, Kelly, Josh, Hal, Jen and Amber.

Gospel for Brazil Mission Team: L-R: Travis, Paul, Hannah, Arimar, Joe, Patrick, Christy, Bonnie. Not pictured: Garry, Barbara, Kelly, Josh, Hal, Jen, Amber and the Whites.

Two weeks from today, another crazy bunch of Jesus Freaks will be in Brazil with Gospel for Brazil fulfilling the Great Commisson.  The journey will start on August 2nd and we’ll be heading back to the U.S. on August 13th.

Christy and I met with most of the group this weekend in Wilmington, and man, we are pumped, stoked, excited, psyched and ready to be there.  There is a sense within the group that the Holy Spirit is going to move in a mighty, mighty way and many souls are going to be won for Christ.  We also sense that this is going to be a turning point in GFB’s ministry that is going to place it firmly on God’s spiritual fast track to building disciples in the northeast desert region of Brazil, and breaking the bondages of sin and spiritual oppression that has plagued this area for generations.

The northeast region of Brazil, in the state of Ceara, is known as “The Heart of Darkness” for good reason.  Satan and his dominions have established this region as their spiritual “headquarters”.  Gospel for Brazil, with the power and authority of Christ, has already made significant inroads in reclaiming this area for Jesus but much work is left to be done.  Satan understands that he is losing his power over this area and is not happy about it.  Therefore, we are expecting struggles to occur but we walk firm in the knowledge that Christ has already been victorious over the darkness, and we are established in the center of God’s will. 

At this point, we have plans to have Vacation Bible School for the children, daily and nightly evangelical praise and worship services, healings, spiritual deliverance and liberations by many, baptisms, visits to new areas where church plants are in process and to be planned, and two nights of rocking out with the huge (in Brazil) Christian Rock group Megafone.  For the services and the concert, we are expecting thousands potentially.  All in all, we are going to be wide-open and going 100 mph with little sleep but we’re not going to vacation but be used as servants of Christ in anyway He sees fit, whether planned or not.

So, we are requesting some Prayer Warriors to cover us individually and as a group daily and constantly in prayer leading up to the trip, on the trip and after returning.  Here are some specific prayer requests:

1.  That we, individually and as a group will be surrounded by a Hedge of Protection and the Spirit’s Holy Fire.  Pray that we will be shown favor and granted traveling mercies, and that God’s Holy Angels will surround us and protect us, keeping us from spiritual attack before, during and after the trip.

2.  Pray that each person will be protected from physical sickness and the Holy Spirit will touch each member and heal any sickness that we are facing now, and that each would be protected from any parasites, bacteria, viruses or sickness while on the trip.  Pray that God will give us physical strengh during the trip so we can be used fully by him and sickness would not hinder the trip.

3.  Pray that we will be open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and teaching before the trip so that we can be spiritually prepared to do God’s work and engage in any spiritual battles necessary to break strongholds in this area.

4.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower us with boldness and courage to face whatever comes and in witnessing to the lost souls of this area.

5.  Pray that God will begin to move in the hearts of the lost in this area with conviction so that the harvest is ready for the reaping.

6.  Pray that the Christian Rock group, Megafone will be granted traveling mercies and surrounded by a Hedge of Protection so that they can come to Ubauna and witness to this area through their music.

7.  We have booked an area that will accommodate 5,000 for the services and concerts we have planned.  Please pray that we will fill the area to overflowing with thousands of followers of Christ and the lost seeking salvation.  Pray for 10,000 +.

8.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint us and give us supernatural ability to speak with the natives, and language will not be a barrier or hindrance.

9.  Pray that all Visas and Passports that haven’t arrived will arrive promptly and will not be an issue for traveling.

10.  Pray that we will not have any issues with customs, any delayed flights, any missed flights and all luggage will arrive in Fortaleza when we do in great shape.

11.  Pray that our leaders will be given strength, courage and boldness in leading our team and their spirits will be solely centered and focused on God’s guidance, direction and vision for this trip.

12.  Pray that satan and his dominions will be bound in the name of Jesus and by the Blood of Jesus from causing any physical harm to our group, any spiritual attacks and hinderances.

13.  Pray that the group will be protected from any attempts to steal from us or mug us.

14.  Pray that each member of the group will have an open spirit so that the Holy Spirit will work and speak through us and we will not bind or quench the Spirit so we can have total access to the Power and Authority that Jesus has given to us.

15.  Pray for God’s direction and vision for the areas of Araticum and Tiangua so that GFB will know how to work in these areas.  Pray that God will touch the hearts of the local pastors that are centered in God’s Will and Word in this area so that new partnerships can be formed and strengthened.

16. Pray for all the children in this area that are in desperate need of sponsors through GFB’s Seed of Hope program.

I will/may be adding more before the trip but the most important thing is just start praying for us and don’t stop!  We’re so excited about our journey and can’t wait to see how God is going to move on this trip. 

Obrigado (Thank you) and Tchau.  Love in Christ,  Patrick and Christy