This is Us!

US: Christy and I are best friends, and are closer, stronger and more in love than we ever have been.  We are total opposites in many ways but that’s why it works.  I love sports, she only likes watching Carolina play.  I love the lyrics, she listens to the music.  She stresses over clothes on the floor, I don’t.  She loves to talk, I don’t (usually).  She likes to watch only one thing on TV, I love to channel surf.  You get the picture. God definitely put Christy into my life, and He definitely got it right with us.  When I look around and see other couples, I have never wished we were “like them.”  I don’t know another relationship as strong as ours.

Christy:  I am a 36 year old follower of Christ (very close to 37!).  I grew up in Roanoke Rapids, NC and am the only child of Sammy and Nancy Wood (the best parents in the whole world!).  I attended Halifax Academy K through 12, went to NC Wesleyan College (where I met Patrick, my wonderful husband!) and then transferred to UNC Wilmington where I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and a concentration in Spanish.   I manage an apartment community in Savannah, GA. 

I love being a part of a Spirit-led church and  being able to worship freely at The Sanctuary on Whitefield Ave.  I am excited about  my spiritual growth as I strive to have a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior each day.  Right now, my favorite television show (Patrick and I are not watching a lot of television these days and trying to pick and choose the shows that we really want to watch) is Joyce Meyer.  God is really speaking to me through her show these days.

I love everything about the beach.  A relaxing day for me would be spent at the beach, listening to the waves, sitting in an adirondack chair or stretched out in a hammock, talking to Patrick and just enjoying not having to rush anywhere and do anything.  My favorite movie is “The Wizard of Oz”.  I like to listen to Contemporary Christian music.   

I speak some Spanish, but would love to travel to a Spanish-speaking country to become more comfortable speaking the language and to learn more about the culture. I have learned a little Portuguese, but want to learn more.  I have been to the Portuguese-speaking country (Brazil), but haven’t had very much training!  So, my best bet is just to speak English!!!  Maybe I’ll get the language-situation taken care of, one day!  I really like to talk and I’m thinking that the more languages I know, then the more people I can get to know!  Who knows when God will give me a chance to really use my language skills!?

Going out to eat is also a favorite past-time, which has resulted in my Weight Watchers membership!  I like seafood and my favorite restaurant is Tubby’s (Thunderbolt location).  I like the grilled fish sandwich there.  I also like crab legs from Sting Rays. Japanese steak houses are yummy and of course The Olive Garden salad and breadsticks are great.  I have a weakness for ice cream, especially Cold Stone!  Bottom line, I like to eat! 

As you can tell from this  site, Patrick and I are most excited right now about Gospel for Brazil and the four mission trips that we have been blessed to be a part of.  The trips were eye-opening experiences for us and have shaped our lives in ways we don’t even know the extent of yet.  I’m excited to see what God has in store for me and Patrick in the days, weeks, months, and years to come!

Patrick: I am a 37 year old Christian living in Savannah, GA.  I love Savannah and all of her beauty, grace and charm.  Savannah is where my soul is happiest.  However, I was born and raised in North Carolina, and that’s where every major event in my life has taken place.  I graduated high school there, graduated from UNC at Wilmington,  and most importantly, met and married my soul-mate, Christy there.  I miss North Carolina, especially during basketball season.  We are HUGE, DIE-HARD Tar Heels fans, and we always look forward to October when Roy and the boys can get started.  There may be fans just as die-hard as us but you won’t find any that are bigger fans.  I’d love to have season tickets and have a second home in Chapel Hill so we could just live in NC during basketball season.  Hey, we all have to dream, right?  If Savannah was in North Carolina, then we’d have found our perfect place to live.  But Savannah is close in spite of it being in the state of Georgia (just kidding).   Unfortunately, everyone here is all football, all the time so it’s kind of like being on the moon in basketball season. 

Christy is my complete reason, other than God (He’s first) for everything I do in my life.  It’s just that simple!  I don’t want to ever experience this life without her and she is definitely right there beside me on the Jesus Caravan.  What a great ride our relationship has been.  It has not always been easy on us.  Although we’ve always been close and never once had to “work” at our relationship, there were times when many people were against us.  But I’m grateful for those bad times b/c we had to decide quickly if this was “forever”.  It definitely molded our relationship.  We’ve never been apart (relationship wise) and divorce is not in our vocabulary.  Thank you Jesus for her! 

I have a great family and I miss them dearly (in NC).  My parents are Ray and Margaret Loyd and they are awesome parents but more importantly, awesome friends to us.  They always support us.  They’ve been in my, our corner from day one and it’s comforting to know they are there.  I have an older brother, Jimmy(he’s 40!!!!), and he’s been a great influence in my life.  He’s had a very tough road but he’s doing well now and trying to build a life.  He showed me the roads that I didn’t want to take in life and that has really guided me in trying to build a life that I was proud of.  Sometimes the most powerful influences in our life can come from negative ones.  Keep fighting Jimmy, we love you and will always be there for you.  We’re proud of you!

My grandparents have all passed but we have some very good and close friends.  Jeff (my best friend outside of Christy), Tammy and their beautiful children, Bailey and Braxton, Vic, Amy and their beautiful children Carson, Jamie and Caleb, Doug, Jenny and Paige, Billy, Jorie and Avery (sorry we haven’t spoken in so long), and our dear friends Derek and Susan from Wilmington.  They also have great children, Josh and Elise (Derek’s) and Timothy and Elizabeth. They were there for us during some really hard times while in Wilmington.  Thanks guys, it meant the world to us!

I am a very passionate, compassionate and loyal person.  I like to think I have high moral and ethical standards and I always try to live my life as Christ did, with total love, respect, mercy, grace, integrity and dignity, although I know I’ll never come even close.  I hope that when people look at me, they don’t see Patrick Loyd but they see Jesus in me.  Christy was once on a job interview and the lady told her, “The Jesus in me sees the Jesus in you.”  Wow…the ultimate compliment.  It’s important for me to influence others and this world in a positive, Christ-centered way.  There’s a line in the Coldplay song, “Clocks” that really speaks to me and I try to live life from its perspective, “Am I part of the CURE or am I part of the Disease?”  It pretty much sums up everything.  Take the great teachings of Christ, incorporate them into your life and then ask this question concerning any issue, wrong, injustice or oppression.  It’s either one or the other.  Hatred, are you part of the cure or disease? Ignorance, are you are part of the cure or disease? Poverty, hunger, homelessness; are you part of the cure or part of the disease?

My passions in addition to Christ and Tar Heels basketball (Tar Heels anything, really) are going on mission trips for the Gospel for Brazil,  music, writing,  anything related to the ocean and the coast.  I want to live on the coast for the rest of my life.  Living inland anywhere just seems so boring to me.  I have to see the water and the rivers and the marshes on a daily basis.  Concerning music, I love all types or genres of music.  I can listen to Country, Christian, Rock and Rap (the cleaner version).  Any music that is good and stirs my soul is good with me.  A goal and dream would be to be a published lyricist and songwriter as well as author.  I believe I can accomplish this if I finally decide to be fully committed.  Not to worry mom, I’m not planning on quitting my job or anything.  Musically, I can strum the guitar and play the drums a little, but can’t sing “worth-a-lick” (just ask those that came to our wedding), but I hope to get better with guitar and maybe even learn the piano/keyboard. 

However, my biggest passion at this very moment is working with and being a part of the Gospel for Brazil.  The non-profit organization is focused on bringing Christ to all the lost souls of this nation, especially in the northeast desert area of Ubauna.  We have been on four trips already to the area and we love Brazil.  It has saturated our souls and I hope the Lord blesses us with many more trips.  In just three years, God has made amazing inroads in that area and the last trip a few weeks ago has already taken it to a new level.  We were able to put a full-time pastor, Audrey and his wife, Andreia (a dynamic pastor herself) in place with a home for them to live in and a temporary church location, directly under their home.  They are a couple that is so focused on God and His calling.  Just being around them fills me with such energy, hope and love.  There are so many needs in that area and I hope everyone that visits this site will link onto the Gospel for Brazil site and help in some way.  Heck, if you’re a Christian, feel free to come with us. 

Because my life is a work-in-progress, this post will be continually changing over time.  But this is who I am at this time in my life.

  1. Ford Dye says:

    \(O.O)/ Wow! It has been so long since I last talked with the two of you, and let me please apologize for not keeping in touch >.< I am perhaps one of the very worst at it on the planet, but I am trying to get back in touch with all of my friends 🙂
    I am not sure what was happening in my life the last time that we spoke, but I figured I would give a brief synopsis of things and then maybe we can catch up more later 🙂 I stayed in marine research up until the grant money petered-out in Maine. I met a wonderful woman, named Katie Graham, while visiting my best friend for the biggest caving convention in the country. Katie and I became best friends and were married in no time at all, hehe. We have been married now for 8 wonderful years, and we just had our first child on October 1st!. Her name is Emily Nicole Dye and you can see her dedicated blog here:
    We moved to Madison, WI a little over 5 years ago because I landed a job at Raven Software. We could not be happier in our lives, but I have been feeling really horrible lately about not keeping in touch with the few great friends I have met in my life. I decided to really start digging, and I found you guys again through your wonderful site! It really looks like you all are both doing wonderful things and enjoying life to its fullest. Congratulations to you both!
    Our current address is:
    3172 Muir Field Road, Apt # 301
    Madison, WI 53719
    Home: (608) 848-2958
    Work: (608) 833-5791 X299
    Please drop me an e-mail sometime and we will catch up 🙂 Again, I am very sorry for being so terrible at keeping in touch over the years. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  2. Robb says:

    Hi… I’m writing a book on ‘Legacy’… and wouldn’t mind a chat. Please reply privately with your number… and I’ll call.
    R. Lucy

  3. patrickandchristy says:

    Robb, I have no contact info from you and cannot access an email. Email me at:

    Once I have your info., I will contact you.

    Thanks, Patrick

  4. Sharon Carson says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I finally had a chance to visit your webiste (of course I’m at work – where else would I be?!) I’ve learned more about you (and Christy). I enjoyed reading about your adventure in Brazil and the great work you are doing there. I hope that you will come back to work refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the challenges here (we have a few). Have a safe journey back. God Bless!!

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