Gospel for Brazil

Gospel for Brazil was founded in 2004 by Joe and Arimar Carr from Wilmington, North Carolina.  Christy and I were on the first mission trip taken to Ubauna in July of that year.  We were 12 “disciples” that didn’t really have a clue how to start a Brazilian mission organization but we were obedient to God’s calling and we went on total faith… and it has changed our lives.  Brazil and its lost souls have become woven into our hearts and souls, and it seems a little piece of us is left on each trip, and the longing for God’s graces to be rained down on Brazil becomes almost too much to bear. 

Gospel for Brazil has been touched and ordained by God, and He is doing great things in Ubauna, as well as Fortaleza.  We are calling Christians to become a part of God’s vision for Brazil. The Great Commission that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave to us will guide us.

Information and updates concerning the Gospel for Brazil missionary organization will be featured here.  Check often, and begin to pray how God wants you to become involved.

  1. Dr. Everaldo Rego, Pastor says:

    Dear disciples.

    I have been browsing the internet trying to find Brazilians, Portuguese speaking folks from other nations, and Americans that have any relationship with Brazil or Brazilians, that also reside in or next to Savannah, GA. I am starting a Brazilian church in Savannah. We have been worshiping every Saturday evenning at Islands Christian Church at 7:00 P.M. Worship is followed by a time of eating together, pin-pong etc., and fellowship. I read in your blog that you have a passion for Missions in Brazil. I learned also that you want to learn more Portuguese. Well, there is a piece of Brazil (Brazilians) here at you backyard, some of them do not know Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord yet. There are a few American believers worshiping with us too. Some of us are bilingual. As soon as we can purchase the receivers and the transmiter we will start simultaneous translation. Why don’t you come and see what God is doing in our midst? What if God wants you to get involved? Would you be a prayer partner?

    Also, we are a missionary family from Brazil. My best American friend has been called by God as soon as me moved to the US. He has moved to Brazil. He is the head of a Mission organization based in Fortaleza, Brazil.

    I believe that God is calling people from different races and nations to partner in the Fulfiling of the Great Commission (MT 28)

    May God richly bless you guys on this day. I know you will be surprised when you receive this e-mail message. But, look, someone has already said that “God works in misterious ways.” Also, my favorite verses of the Scritures are:

    Ephesians 3:20,21.

    “.He is able to do much more than we ask or think.” He is God.

    Please let me know if you know any Brazilians in Savannah. I would love to be able to connect with them and invite them to worship with us.

    We worship at:

    Islands Christian Church, 4601 Highway 80 East, Savannah Ga 31410 at 7:00 P.M. on Saturday evennings.

    Please get in touch with me, my wife and I would like to meet you guys, get a cup of coffee or something.

    Dr. Everaldo Rego

  2. patrickandchristy says:

    Dr. Rego, I am stunned at how God works in His believer’s lives!!! Just this past Friday I drove past the Islands church and saw your sign out front promoting the service. We live on the islands but rarely drive past the church. A lot happened to get me past the church but I sensed, even before seeing the sign, that God wanted me to drive that way. I pulled into the parking lot to see if I could get more details. When I got home I told my wife of the “discovery” and she was so excited as well. We spoke about trying to contact the church to get more details.

    We would LOVE to come and worship with you guys and to get together with you and your wife. We would love to tell you all about how God is working through our mission organization, Gospel For Brazil. We are planning a trip in July. Time is short to get money in (we’re still struggling with that but I know God will provide). Interested in going? Know anyone interested? We will definitely be in touch with you.

  3. patrickandchristy says:


    We’re open to speaking to you about the awesome work that God is doing in Brazil through Gospel for Brazil. GFB is a young mission organization that is being Holy Spirit led. For people who are sincere about reaching the lost souls of Brazil for Christ, then GFB is a great ministry to do that.

    Before we get too serious about any “partnering” we would need to know more about you, any group or organization you may already be working with and your reason for wanting to be a part of GFB. You can email us more at our new Leave A Legacy email account:


    If we believe this is going to be a good possibility and it is God-inspired, then I will talk with our President and Board about going further. I know you understand that we have to be careful that anyone that becomes involved with GFB believe in the absolute truth of Christ and his death and resurrection so that all could be born again through his Gift of Salvation. There is a lot of false teaching about Christ and we have to guard against that. This is not a direct statement in regards to you but a general statement that we must be guided by.

    So email me with more information, specifically what denomination you are a part of, i.e., Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Pentacostal, Jehovah’s Witness, etc. This will give us a good idea what you believe concerning Christ, His death, resurrection, His second coming, etc. For example, we believe that ALL who believe in Christ and seek His forgiveness will be saved and spend eternity with Him. On the other hand, some believe that only a select few that belong to their church or denomination will be truly saved and spend eternity with Christ. This is in direct opposition to what we believe and would not be compatible with GFB.

    Concerning us, our site does a pretty good job of giving background on us. Look forward to hearing from you. P.

  4. Jessica Bruno says:

    I enjoy reading about your experiences… My husbands family is from Brazil, Sao Paulo, neither of us have been yet, but we plan to one day soon… We would definitely be interested in going for your trip in July if we got more information… If you already have all your plans set, at the very least we would like to donate to your trip… I can’t say how much, but as much as I can.. please email when you get a chance

  5. patrickandchristy says:

    Oi (very limited Portuguese) Jessica, you will love Brazil when the time comes for you to visit. It’s so diverse and has a great soul about it. I haven’t spent any time in Sao Paulo, but have flown into there on the way to Fortaleza.

    Unfortunately, we are set with the group going in July but there will be future trips. We’re always looking for people that God has called to go with us.

    Any and all donations, at whatever amount you feel led to give, is always needed and appreciated. You can mail your donation to:

    Gospel for Brazil
    803 S. College Rd., Suite D
    Wilmington, NC 28403

    Just put in the check Memo: Patrick and Christy Loyd July 08 Trip. It will be tax deductible and all money goes to us or to the field.

    You can check our site from July 9-18th for some posts and photos that I will put on the site during our trip so everyone can “experience” the trip. Don’t forget to check out our Flickr photos. Take care Jessica and thank you in advance for any support you and your husband my give. Send us an email anytime and check out the GFB site: http://www.gospelforbrazil.org. Tchau!

  6. Norman K. Dews says:

    Praise the Lord, I lived in Atlanta in 2001 2002, I have two friends close to savannah GA. I’m interested in missions work in Brazil and all over the world. My name is Evangelist Norman K. Dews please contact me at 4349449925. I would love to visit your church. In Jesus Name

  7. Eddie says:

    Great to discover your blog. My wife and I have been doing work at orphanages near Fiera de Santana and Fortaleza, Brasil since 2004. We are taking a group from our church to the Davis Lar in Patacas the last week in July. We have missionary friends there who run the Davis Lar and they are also in the process of starting a new orphanage in a town nearby. God opened the door and the mayor of the town offered land and help with all the permits etc for the second facility. Please check out our blog at

  8. patrickandchristy says:


    I checked out your site and we would love to speak with you and get more information. Although GFB is not involved with the orphanages at this time, Christy and I are interested in expanding GFB to eventually include work in this area. Email us your contact information so we can speak.


    I wish we were going to be in Fortaleza at the same time so we could meet but….

    Take care and we look forward to speaking with you.


  9. haley dean says:

    hey guys!

    i am so impressed with Gospel for Brazil!!
    i went to the Davis Lar in Fortaleza on a mission trip with my church (Taylors First Baptist Church Taylors, SC) almost 2 years ago.
    i truly enjoyed your blog about the Lar.
    i prayerfully hope that i will be able to be an intern there soon! (i am currently 16 and my mom won’t let me go til i turn 18!)
    i am so excited about this work!!
    Fortaleza needs to hear the Good News and i am thankful that you are taking part!!
    God Bless!

  10. patrickandchristy says:

    Greetings from Savannah, Haley. Thanks for commenting. We had such an awesome visit to the Lar, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Cool to hear that you’ve been as well. I will pray for you that God will provide your intern to the Lar when the His timing is right. It would be a great way to spend a few months.

    Gospel for Brazil is a great “little” organization that God is really using to reach the lost of Brazil. Thank you for the encouragement. Come back and visit the site often for more updates. Who knows, our paths may cross one day in Brazil. Take care and let us know how the intern works out.

  11. lippertb31 says:

    hello my name is colby harris
    and i love brazil everything about brazil the people,the culture the warriors for christ that are there brazil has some great warriors.
    any way i speak conversational portuguese. i thought english as a second language for two years and 1/2 of our students were from brazil
    so i learned a lot of portuguese. this past december i met brazilian saints from one was from maringa and the other was from rondonia but they both went to school in maringa for 6 months they were giving so much joy in my life i love them. we prayed together sang songs to God together and went to church every sunday they went back to brazil last week i miss them a lot im planning to fly to sao paulo the last week of august and staying for a week to see them. any way i really love brazil really love latin america i speak,read,write spanish fluently so the love latin americans is engrained in me. i would love to be apart of anything you got going on if you have need prayer for anythng let me know and lets go to God together and bombard heavens gates with our prayers. anyway contact me my email adress is cha_rri6@yahoo.com
    thanks so much
    you all are awesome

  12. patrickandchristy says:

    Hey Colby, we would love for you to join Gospel for Brazil in reaching the lost souls of Brazil. Check out our website:


    We also love the country and people of Brazil with their passion and enthusiasm for life. Being a part of GFB has changed our lives and we hope that God will allow us to be involved for many years to come. Christy is learning Portuguese but I have a LONG way to go.

    Check out the site and then email me.


  13. Raquel says:

    hello, i’m brazilian and i’d like saying tat i liked this site very much. I ive in Fortaleza and I’d like to know when you’re going to coming here.

  14. patrickandchristy says:

    Ola Raquel. Great to hear from you and have you as a visitor to our site. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

    We will be coming to Fortaleza on August 3rd. Do you have a church there? Have you heard of Refugio da Graca? We visit there each year and a team from their church go with us into Ubauna. Their website is: http://sourefugio.com.br/

    Check them out. Hope to hear from you soon Raquel. Tchau!

  15. H.Walker says:

    Hello there!

    I just stopped by to say that I am happy to hear that your mission in Brazil is being fruitful.

    I am a Catholic and Jesus is my life. I was born and raised in Brazil, however I dont live there anymore. I think it’s great that you are preaching the Word of God in Brazil, I am sure that, as anywhere else in the world, there are many souls there in great need to know the Lord!

    I wish you all the success with your mission! If you ever need any help with translations, I would be happy to help. I mean it!

    God Bless you!

    • patrickandchristy says:

      Ola Helen. Great to see you came across our site. We live in Georgia but we love the country of Brazil and the people. There’s such a great passion for life there. We are always anxious to get back and will be arriving in Fortaleza on June 3rd for another mission trip.

      God is really moving mightily in the northeast desert region of Brazil (known as the Heart of Darkness) and we currently have four churches and are looking to plant six more by the end of the summer. Many people are coming to know Christ as Savior, as well as being healed of physical illnesses and spiritual bondages.

      Thank you for your offer to translate. If we ever need someone, we will contact you for sure. Please keep in touch through our site and visit often. Take care and we hope God blesses you abundantly.

      Love in Christ. Patrick

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